CNC Plasma Cutting Tables for Industrial Metal Cutting and Custom Metal Fabrication

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EZ Cut CNC Blog

Turner Electric Fabricates for Utility Companies Worldwide

Turner Electric and their lead Manufacturing Engineer, Bryan Ross, were very excited to bring CNC plasma cutting in-house with their new EZ Cut CNC 5’x10′ table and Hypertherm Powermax 105 plasma supply.  Up until May 2013, Bryan outsourced a substantial amount of cutting for their break switches and accessories.  With a high production volume, the cost of outsourcing was reducing their profit margin. Being one of the world’s leading suppliers of substation and transmission switches, the expense of outsourcing plasma and laser cutting was really adding up.

Turner Electric builds much of the high-voltage infrastructure common in the electrical power grid of the United States and abroad.  They design and build double end breaks, V-style center breaks, side breaks, vertical breaks, vacuum interrupters, and a variety of other switch solutions. These products can range from 7.5kV to 765,000kV.  In addition to manufacturing and installing these products,  Turner Electric retrofits older systems that require greater ampacity or design upgrades.

After the EZ Cut CNC system arrived at Turner Electric, Bryan set up a high-end exhaust system for the down draft plenum, which took care of the majority of the smoke.  With a dedicated ground at over 8 ft and additional grounding from the building, they eliminated any problems that might arise from high frequency machines.  And, with their electrical engineering background, it wasn’t surprising to see they had built custom power outlets for the computer stand, power supply, and controller.

Turner Electric's smoke exhaust setup and ground.

Turner Electric’s smoke exhaust setup and ground.

Turner will now be cutting almost all of their parts in-house.

Turner will now be cutting almost all of their parts in-house.

Bryan is expecting to improve the productivity of their machining operations and will run their EZ Cut CNC table for one 8-hour shift to start.  But he says that could increase very soon. “The quality looks to be great, it seems to be spot on,” he tells us. “As we start bringing more parts in and getting better at making nests, we’ll probably add a second shift.”

Overhead view of plasma cutting torch.

Overhead view of plasma cutting torch.