CNC Plasma Cutting Tables for Industrial Metal Cutting and Custom Metal Fabrication

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Technical Articles and Blog

What Makes Up a Plasma Torch

You may not think much about how your plasma torch produces that plasma stream capable of pristinely fabricating materials with precision and accuracy. ESCCO describes what happens during the plasma cutting process, “Energy is transmitted from a power source to a conductive material such as metal through electrically charged gas... Read More

Value Component Spotlight: CNC Drive System

The components of a CNC plasma cutting system are what make or break a great plasma cutting system. If the components are not high-quality, the system itself will not be as high-quality as it should be. At EZCutCNC, we know how important it is to ensure that every component of... Read More

3 Ways to Maximize CNC Plasma Cut Quality

Plasma cutting can produce outstanding cut quality for a variety of materials and thicknesses. But, as anyone knows, when you utilize technology there are certain ways to maximize its effectiveness and get the most out of it. This is certainly true of plasma cutting, regardless of what system, plasma cutter,... Read More

A High-Quality CNC Torch Lifter Reduces Production Time

One of the most significant advantages of investing in a CNC plasma cutting system is automatic torch height control (ATHC).  Automatic torch height control is important because it helps ensure that, for every project and specific cut, the torch is at the optimal height for that project, material, material thickness,... Read More

3 Advantages of CNC Plasma Cutting Nesting

An investment in a CNC plasma cutting system can provide the owner with many advantages.  While there many advantages to purchasing a high quality, automated system such as an EZCutCNC CNC plasma cutting system, one of the most significant and critical advantages is that our systems come with exceptional CAD/CAM... Read More

4 Ways to Maximize the Life of Your CNC Plasma Consumables

Once you invest in an EZCutCNC CNC plasma cutting system there are very few things you will need, aside from the material being fabricated, to efficiently and effectively operate.  And, while our systems are exceptionally well-equipped with state-of-the-art features, plasma consumables have a limited lifespan and will eventually need to... Read More

A Closer Look at Hypertherm HyPerformance Plasma Cutting Systems

When it comes to technology, anything Hi-Def is usually the ‘best of the best.’  While other options may be good, doesn’t everyone want the highest-quality definition and precision, especially when it comes to plasma cutting systems?  Hypertherm, an industry leading manufacturer of plasma torches thinks so which is why they... Read More

Fabricating Stainless Steel with a CNC Plasma Cutter

Fabricating with Stainless Steel While CNC plasma cutting systems are able to fabricate stainless steel, most plasma torches cannot cut as thick of sheets when compared with mild steel cutting capabilities.  At EZCutCNC, we are proud to only use the highest-quality current technologies and it is those state-of-the-art features that... Read More

How to Fabricate Thick Sheets with CNC Plasma Cutter

How to Fabricate Thick Sheets with CNC Plasma Cutter When choosing a CNC plasm a cutting system, a fabrication shop must evaluate the types of material, sheet size, and typical thickness with which they tend to work.  This is very important because all of those things will factor into the... Read More

CAD & CAM Software Elevates CNC Plasma Cutting

While plasma cutting has been around for decades, automated CNC plasma cutting would not be possible without CAD and CAM software. Handheld plasma cutting could theoretically achieve the same result but in reality, the precision, speed, accuracy, and quality of cut would not be possible with handheld plasma cutting alone.... Read More

What Materials Can You Cut with CNC Laser Cutting?

There are many different ways to fabricate a variety of materials. If you are considering a CNC cutting system, the type of cutter you choose will depend on a variety of factors including the types of material you typically fabricate, budget, and desired features. Laser cutting offers many advantages over... Read More

Is Your CNC Plasma System Protected by a Warranty?

Industrial settings and metal fabrication shops tend to be harsh environments in which machinery must be durable to withstand not only frequent use but the nature of the environment. At EZCut CNC, we have decades of experience and know just how durable CNC plasma cutting systems need to be. But,... Read More

13 Additional Features of EZCutCNC Plasma Cutting Systems

EZCutCNC is proud to produce some of the highest quality CNC plasma cutting systems available today.  We construct our tables of only the most durable materials to ensure that they are able to withstand the rough workshop environment and continue to produce accurate, pristine cut quality.  Further, we consider our... Read More

3 Components of Quality CNC Plasma Cutting Software

When you invest in a CNC plasma cutting system you want to achieve pristine cuts with ease.  Automated cutting only works if you have the right software to actually communicate with the CNC controller and tell it where to move and cut.  Many CNC plasma cutting companies will sell a... Read More

Designing a Custom CNC Plasma Cutting System

When you begin shopping for a CNC plasma cutting system, you will soon find that there are many (MANY) options out there. But, make no mistake; they are not all created equal. It is important to shop around and look at both the quality of construction and the features/components that... Read More

3 Reasons to Choose the EZCutCNC Pro Series

At EZCutCNC, we always carefully craft each of our CNC plasma cutting systems to the unique needs of our clients. Our client’s needs can vary significantly with a huge range of material thickness, cut speed, material type, and parts produced. Because of that, we have a variety of different CNC... Read More

A Look at the Industrial Metal Fabrication Industry

CNC plasma cutting machines are used for a wide variety of applications and are a critical tool in the industrial metal fabrication industry. The industrial metal fabrication industry is an umbrella term for a wide array of different businesses and services. One common characteristic in the industrial metal fabrication industry... Read More

Introduction to G-Code

All CNC plasma cutting systems use software that has CAD drawing and CAM cutting components to achieve the desired cuts. Because cutting is automated, the quality of the software is incredibly important. The cuts a fabricator would have typically made themselves are now executed by an automated system so software... Read More

Importance of CNC Plasma Cutting System Table Construction

The workshop is not like any other typical “office setting.” It is rough and equipment in a metal fabrication workshop needs to be durable enough to withstand the rough environment. EZCutCNC produces high quality CNC plasma cutting systems with outstanding table construction that are still economically priced. Many competitors will... Read More

CNC Plasma Cutter Brand Partner Introduction: Hypertherm

At EZCutCNC, we are the industry leaders in CNC plasma cutting for a reason – we produce high quality, well-built CNC plasma cutting systems and we partner with the best brands on the market to bring our customers unparalleled cutting systems. Industrial metal cutting and custom metal fabrication has never... Read More

Why Having a Zero-Backlash Gearbox is Important

EZCutCNC systems are designed using the highest-quality, most durable materials. They are designed to withstand the heavy use and often rough environment of metal fabrication workshops. Our systems are designed to provide pristine cuts with optimized precision. EZCutCNC plasma cutters do just that in a variety of ways. One feature... Read More

Waterjet Cutting: Pros and Cons

When it comes to CNC plasma cutting, there are two types of ventilation that most metal fabrication shops must consider for their system: downdraft or waterjet. Proper ventilation is a metal fabrication shop safety must – without it, personnel can experience significant health damage. With a downdraft system, fumes, dust... Read More

Importance of Proper Grounding for your CNC Plasma Cutting System

So you have decided to invest in a state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutting system from EZCUTCNC. Great choice! Our systems are exceptionally well-built using the most durable materials and cutting-edge technique. Though economically priced, our systems come with everything you need (and more!) to achieve outstanding cut quality for your metal... Read More

How to Manage Plasma Cutter Fumes

Metal fabrication shops come in all shapes and sizes. Some are large and industrious, cutting thousands of parts every day. And some are very small, fabricating only a few pieces each day. There is no right or wrong size metal fabrication shop; it just depends on your unique needs. But,... Read More

What Is CNC Plasma Cutting?

There is no doubt about it; a CNC plasma cutting system can offer unparalleled benefits to a metal fabricator. For the metal fabricator looking to expand their business, expedite processes, increase profits, improve accuracy or anything else, investing in a state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutting system is often a wise choice.... Read More

Value Component Spotlight: Table Versatility

At EZ Cut CNC, we love to discuss the value components that set our CNC plasma cutting systems apart from other systems. While there are many other companies that make CNC plasma cutting systems, we are confident that once you begin to do your research, you will see that we... Read More

A Closer Look at Hi-Def Plasma Cutting

CNC plasma cutting has been around for quite a while. Traditional forms of CNC plasma cutting include air and mixed-gas. At EZ Cut CNC, we are original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for Hypertherm and Victor Thermal Dynamics and not only do they produce air plasma cutters and mixed-gas plasma cutters, but... Read More

CNC Plasma Cutters Enhance Your Productive Capacity

Whether your metal fabrication shop produces hundreds or thousands of small parts that are identical or large unique works of art, the faster you produce, the more money you make. When you run a metal fabrication business and want to take your business to the next level, the best way... Read More

Plasma Has 3 Distinct Advantages Over Oxy-Fuel

CNC Plasma cutting is an ideal way to cut metal for many metal fabrication shops for a variety of reasons. There are a multitude of metal fabrication mediums but only a few can produce precise, clean cuts. Oxy-fuel cutting has long been a powerful tool in the metal fabricator’s shop.... Read More

Managing Plasma Cutter Fumes

When you invest in a new CNC plasma cutting system for your metal fabrication shop you will want to prepare for its arrival. That means ensuring there is adequate space in your shop to accommodate your new plasma system, ensuring there is adequate power supply to the area and, perhaps... Read More

The CNC Controller: What You Need to Know

At EZCutCNC, we talk often about how our CNC plasma cutting systems are complete systems containing everything you need to start cutting right away and revolutionize the way your metal fabrication shop works. A CNC plasma cutting system can dramatically enhance productivity and reduce error as well as waste through... Read More

2 Types of CNC Plasma Cutters

At EZCut CNC, we have dedicated ourselves to creating the best turnkey CNC plasma cutting systems on the market. We have taken our years of experience and knowledge to ensure that our systems have everything needed for customers to begin cutting "right out of the box." Customers can choose from... Read More

Choosing Your Plasma Table Size in 4 Easy Steps

At EZCut CNC, we are often asked what size plasma table a potential customer should buy.  There is no universal answer because the appropriate size will depend heavily on the individual needs of the buyer.  A CNC plasma cutting system will revolutionize your metal fabrication shop and when you invest... Read More

8 Features of EZCut CNC Plasma Cutting Systems

Just like any other market, the CNC plasma cutting system market has a variety of options from which to choose.  When you compare CNC plasma cutting systems you will see that there are a wide variety of features.  Some systems may be inexpensive but they come completely bare bones, with... Read More

7 CNC Plasma Table Features of EZCut CNC Systems

At EZCut CNC, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality, extremely durable CNC plasma cutting systems that outperform the rest.  We achieve this by using our years of extensive experience and knowledge, fueled by our dedication to customer service.  We carry a wide selection of CNC plasma cutting systems to accommodate... Read More

What is a CNC Controller and How Does It Work?

At EZCut CNC we are firm believers that the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts. It is for this reason that we only use the highest quality materials and parts that are both durable and state-of-the-art. Our complete CNC plasma cutting systems come with everything... Read More

Value Component Spotlight: CNC Plasma Cutters

At EZCut CNC, we like to highlight what we refer to as “Value Components” – components of our state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutting systems that add value to your investment. We believe it is important to do so because we believe in providing our customers with a complete package of everything... Read More

Value Component Spotlight: Table Versatility

In the world of plasma cutting, there are a lot of different features and functions. All metal fabricators have their preference and needs based on their metal fabrication shop capabilities and their previous experience cutting. One thing that must be considered when choosing the right CNC plasma cutting system for... Read More

Mechanized Plasma Cutting Superior to Handheld

With so many products capable of so many different kinds of metal fabrication it can be difficult to discern what is what, particularly for the novice cutter. At EZCut CNC, we design and produce complete CNC plasma cutting solutions that are incredibly user friendly and we believe in providing our... Read More

Importance Of CNC Plasma On-Site Training

CNC plasma cutting systems are complex, robust tools that can be used to create incredible things. But, as anyone who has ever worked with a CNC plasma cutting system knows, if you do not know how to use the machine and software, you will be severely limited in what you... Read More

CNC Plasma System Ideal for Metal Fabrication Industry

When discussing the many advantages of CNC plasma cutting, we often bring up the custom metal fabrication industry. While this is a particularly broad term, we are talking about any individual or business that cuts, molds or shapes metal products. This may be a shop that frequently cuts the same... Read More

Plasma vs. Oxyfuel – Why Plasma is Better

In any industry, as technology changes and new technologies emerge, industry standards for certain procedures also change.  The metal fabrication industry is no exception.  While oxy-fuel is commonly used for cutting mild steel, plasma cutting has become the standard for metal fabrication because of the variety of advantages it offers... Read More

3 Important CNC Value Components

In a market with many options – it can be difficult to distinguish which CNC plasma cutting system is right for you.  Some systems are more "entry level" or "budget" focused and they are probably bare bones systems – lacking many features you may come to want within a short... Read More

Advantages of Mechanizing Plasma Cutting

Plasma torches can cut through steel, aluminum, brass, copper and more.  They can be used to cut large sheets into tiny pieces, cut intricate designs, create beautiful works of art, and so much more.  A jet of hot plasma is propelled through a torch to cut intricate, precise designs.  This... Read More

Financing Options for Funding Your CNC Plasma Cutting System

One of the biggest factors for many customers when choosing a CNC plasma cutting system is price, and understandably so.  Whether you are purchasing a relatively inexpensive CNC plasma cutting system, or an incredibly expensive one, you still want certain features, qualities and confidence in the reliability of your system. ... Read More

Is This a Complete CNC System? Yes!

When designing CNC plasma tables for industrial metal cutting and custom metal fabrication.  As industry leaders, we know the value of building a durable, high-quality machine to meet our customer’s diverse fabrication needs.  Our customers fabricate a wide range of materials for a wide range of projects, ranging from small... Read More

Overview of CNC Plasma Cutter Table Construction Features

When designing CNC plasma tables for industrial metal cutting and custom metal fabrication.  As industry leaders, we know the value of building a durable, high-quality machine to meet our customer’s diverse fabrication needs.  Our customers fabricate a wide range of materials for a wide range of projects, ranging from small... Read More

An In-Depth Look At EZCut CNC Cut Thickness Ability

There are many factors to consider when choosing a CNC plasma cutting system from your metal fabrication shop.  And, one of the most important factors is material thickness.  Certain plasma cutting systems simply will not be able to cut thick material.  And, even if an attempt is made, it will... Read More

What are High Def Plasma Cutters

CNC plasma cutting systems have been around for some time and the technology continues to evolve. With each advance, cuts get more precise, the cutting process becomes more efficient and many other advantages emerge. While some may be familiar with CNC plasma cutting they may not be as familiar with... Read More

Value Component Spotlight: Software

Cutting and routing potential with a CNC plasma cutting system is endless. It is truly astonishing what can be made, the detail that can be achieved, and the precision of cuts that can be accomplished when using a high-quality CNC table. While having high quality parts, as well as a... Read More

EZCut CNC Pro Series Features

At EZCut CNC, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of CNC plasma cutting systems. Our variety of plasma cutting systems can be configured for down draft or water cutting and each different table offers a selection of features to accommodate our customer’s unique cutting needs. All of our... Read More

How Is Plasma Cutting Better Than Oxyfuel?

One of the oldest gas cutting processes around is oxyfuel—but in the past few decades, it has been replaced with plasma cutting in many industrial applications. Why has this new technology overtaken the old one? At EZ Cut CNC, we know that there are many reasons why plasma cutting can... Read More

All About the EZCut CNC PRO Series

If you’re looking for a plasma cutting system, then you might want to consider the EZCut CNC PRO Series. This powerful tool is an excellent addition to workshops, factories, and mechanized operations, providing you with a great way to increase production and improve output quality. CNC and Plasma Plasma cutters... Read More

Is a Downdraft Table Right For You?

Our wide selection of CNC plasma cutting systems provide our customers with many options when choosing the right system for their specific application needs. When discussing plasma cutting systems it is important to understand the differences between particular systems so that you can choose the appropriate table for your applications.... Read More

Introduction to CNC Plasma Cutting Software

CNC plasma cutters can bring to life the creations you have dreamt of, help you complete projects and make a variety things that range from small parts of a larger assembly to large works of art and everything in between. The possibilities with CNC plasma cutters are truly endless. CNC... Read More

Benefits of Mechanized Plasma Cutting Systems

At EZCut CNC, we are proud to provide our clients with a full spectrum of plasma cutting systems.  With our selection, there is a plasma cutting system that is right for every client and every application.  While handheld plasma cutting may work in some instances, mechanized plasma cutting is ideal... Read More

Used CNC Plasma Cutting System For Sale

A used 5′ x 10′ EZ Cut 7200 Series CNC plasma cutting system with Hypertherm Powermax 105 is for sale out of Columbus, OH. This system is currently being used by a structural steel fabricator in Columbus, OH. This system was purchased new in October 2012. It’s only had one... Read More

Metal Art With EZ Cut CNC Plasma Cutting Systems

We have many customers that specialize in metal art.  We also have many metal fabricators that expand into metal art after buying a CNC plasma cutting table. Below are some examples of metal art projects by CG Welding, Well Made Manufacturing, and other EZ Cut CNC customers. This blog post... Read More

CNC Plasma Cutting Safety Procedures

Any person who operates or does maintenance on CNC plasma cutting equipment should be aware that safety procedures are an important part of the daily job. Customers and related personnel should learn how the equipment functions and be able to respect the capabilities of the machinery. Anyone working on or... Read More

Construction Supplier Fabricates With EZ Cut CNC Plasma Table

BLT Companies is a Yuma, AZ based construction supply company with operations in ready-mix concrete, asphalt, aggregate materials, cranes, rigging, heavy haul transportation, and concrete pumping. To help support their heavy-duty equipment and maintenance department, they decided to purchase an EZ Cut 7200 Series CNC plasma cutting system with the Hypertherm... Read More

What Is Included With A Turn-Key CNC Plasma System?

“Are your plasma systems turn-key?” This is one of the most common questions the EZ Cut CNC sales team hears almost every day from potential customers.  It is, in fact, a very important questions to ask.  However, it’s always more important to ask what is included in the “turn-key” package. ... Read More

CNC Cutting Tables: Down Draft Versus Water Tables

Many metal fabricators determine the shop layout and setup of their CNC table prior to buying the cutting system. Therefore, a lot of thought goes into whether a fabrication shop will be using their CNC plasma cutting system as a down draft or water table. What’s the Difference? A down... Read More

Lease Corp Of America Year-End Equipment Financing

EZ Cut CNC has strategically partnered with Lease Corporation of America to offer our customers financing options on their equipment purchases.  And with the end of 2014 getting near, LCA is promoting their “90-Day Deferred Program” which means no payments on your equipment purchase until 2015!  LCA is also reminding... Read More

Reduced Price On Used 5′ x 10′ Plasma System

FOR SALE: EZ Cut 7200 Series 5’ x 10′ With Hypertherm Powermax 1650 Plasma Cutter $19,000 FOB Phoenix – Price Reduced From $22,000 Email or call 888-759-7184 for more details. We are selling this used 5’x10′ turn-key system with a Hypertherm Powermax 1650 mechanized plasma cutter.  The system includes... Read More

What Size Plasma Table Should You Buy?

“What size plasma table should I buy?” is a frequently asked question from potential customers. It’s hard to give a simple answer because every project is going to be different, and not all CNC plasma cutting systems are built the same. Essentially, it comes down to material size and the... Read More

New EZ Cut CNC Website

EZ Cut CNC recently launched a new website. The goal of the new site is to be a resource that goes beyond the basics. Customers can easily request pricing and find industry links, CNC plasma cutter videos and photos, page after page of technical information, customer profiles that showcase the... Read More

FOR SALE: Used CNC Plasma System Inventory

EZ Cut CNC is now selling a variety of used cutting systems. Call 888-759-7184 for more details. DEMO CUTTING TABLES:   Machitech DC300 – 2012 16” x 20” cutting dimensions 1 x Hypertherm Power Max 45 Waterbed DXF import and nesting software NestMaster included! Installation and training available! Controller: Hypertherm Edge... Read More

How Thick Will My CNC Plasma System Cut?

  “How thick can I cut with your system?” is one of the most common questions we hear from metal fabricators shopping for CNC plasma cutting systems.  This question can be somewhat misleading because it’s not the system as a whole that determines the thickness of the cut.  It’s actually... Read More

Newcastle Company Designs & Fabricates Material Handling Equipment

­Newcastle Company, Inc. has designed and manufactured material handling equipment since 1962 in New Castle, Pennsylvania.  They specialize in building load transfer systems, palletizers, pallet dispensers, sheet dispensers, and conveyors.  Some of the industries they service include chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, warehouse, and commercial printing. During the summer... Read More

New Plasma Cutter Options And EZ Cut CNC System Pricing

At the beginning of November 2013, EZ Cut CNC will start offering a new air plasma cutter option from Hypertherm as well as a few re-branded plasma cutters from Victor Thermal Dynamics.  Please note that we are still carrying the Victor Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster air plasma cutters, which have been... Read More

5 Businesses That Use CNC Plasma Cutting

In today’s work environment there is an increasing trend of bringing production processes in-house.  This is certainly true when looking at companies that require metal fabrication, especially those that use CNC plasma cutting tables.  Having a CNC plasma system in-house allows the fabrication shop to cut custom metal parts and... Read More

3 Common Mistakes When Shopping for a CNC Plasma Cutting System

Shopping for a CNC plasma cutting table can be an overwhelming experience.  This is something we completely understand after many years of talking with our customers.  Most business owners and fabrication supervisors spend numerous hours researching before making a purchase.  But, it’s surprising how many of them overlook a few... Read More

Turner Electric Fabricates for Utility Companies Worldwide

Turner Electric and their lead Manufacturing Engineer, Bryan Ross, were very excited to bring CNC plasma cutting in-house with their new EZ Cut CNC 5’x10′ table and Hypertherm Powermax 105 plasma supply.  Up until May 2013, Bryan outsourced a substantial amount of cutting for their break switches and accessories.  With... Read More

JJJ Container Services Fabricates for Auto Manufacturers

  Jeff Lanthier, owner and president of JJJ Container Services LLC, gave full access to EZ Cut CNC inside his facility where he manufactures automotive part handling containers. Jeff purchased a pre-owned EZ Cut CNC system over one year ago to replace a smaller, hobbyist burn table. But just recently... Read More

EZ Cut CNC Will Be Returning to SEMA 2012

EZ Cut CNC will be returning as an exhibor at SEMA this year. SEMA is in Las Vegas from October 30– November 2, 2012. Come visit our booth to learn about our products and how they can help your business become more efficient. EZ Cut CNC Booth #: 38050 Powersports... Read More

EZ Cut CNC will be at SEMA!

EZ Cut CNC will be exhibiting at SEMA this year. SEMA is in Las Vegas and starts on Tuesday November 2nd and ends on Friday November 5th. Come visit our booth to learn about our products and how they can help your business become more efficient. EZ Cut CNC Booth... Read More