CNC Plasma Cutting Tables for Industrial Metal Cutting and Custom Metal Fabrication

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JJJ Container Services Fabricates for Auto Manufacturers


Jeff Lanthier, owner and president of JJJ Container Services LLC, gave full access to EZ Cut CNC inside his facility where he manufactures automotive part handling containers. Jeff purchased a pre-owned EZ Cut CNC system over one year ago to replace a smaller, hobbyist burn table. But just recently he decided to upgrade to two CNC plasma cutting systems for increased production.

JJJ Container does business with some of the major automotive manufacturers in the United States.  Based on the customer’s needs, Jeff modifies existing containers and sometimes fabricates custom parts for new containers. When car parts are redesigned for new models, Jeff has to think about how a container should be constructed to allow for the safest travel possible.

Stack of containers ready to go at JJJ Container's warehouse and fabrication shop.

Stack of containers ready to go at JJJ Container’s warehouse and fabrication shop.

EZ Cut CNC talked with Jeff as he cut brackets, tubes, gussets, and other custom parts with their 5′ x 10′ water table (Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut 100 plasma) as well as one 5′ x 10′ down-draft table (Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster A120 plasma). He has operated the plasma tables for as long as 20 hours in a single day and states, “I’ve cut as much as a hundred (100) 0.25″ plates on one shift.”

More often than not, both tables are running at the same time. This allows him to keep parts in stock and stay ahead of the production lines.  With upgraded systems and an Ultra-Cut 100 Precision plasma supply, Jeff is now saving money spent on outsourcing by bringing a significant amount of cutting in-house.

JJJ welders making custom containers.

JJJ welders making custom containers.

Although Jeff was very impressed with the quality of the machine and the cut samples, the training and customer support were the most important part in making a decision.  “EZ Cut CNC gave me the best feeling when shopping for a table,” Jeff says during the interview.  “Their knowledge of plasma cutting and their accessibility made me feel confident I chose the right system to buy.”