CNC Plasma Cutting Tables for Industrial Metal Cutting and Custom Metal Fabrication

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EZ Cut CNC Blog

Is This a Complete CNC System? Yes!

When designing CNC plasma tables for industrial metal cutting and custom metal fabrication.  As industry leaders, we know the value of building a durable, high-quality machine to meet our customer’s diverse fabrication needs.  Our customers fabricate a wide range of materials for a wide range of projects, ranging from small parts to large artistic pieces.  While there are many tables on the market, few offer the wide range of features and options, or the durability and quality of construction that our tables offer.  Fortunately, at EZCut CNC, our CNC plasma cutting systems boast a variety of value components and construction features that set our systems far above those offered by competitors to provide our customers with the ultimate cutting experience that will stand the test of time.

  • Base
    • The base has a fully welded, water-tight frame that can be configured for down draft or water table. It features an integrated dross pan/fume extraction plenum and reinforced steel leg supports.  Heavy-duty slats and slat supports are designed for easy and secure loading of sheet metal.
  • Gantry & Carriage
    • The gantry is custom engineered for maximum stiffness using high quality machined aluminum. The custom steel carriage is fully enclosed and protects the Y and Z axis motors.  The 3/8″ wall thickness and 6″ x 8″ rectangular tube structure combine to make the gantry extremely rigid. The cables for the controller and plasma cutter are protected by a 4” wide cross-axis track located on both the X and Y axis.
  • Bearings
    • Self-contained recirculating DualVee™ bearings are used on the X and Y axis. This technology is ideal for plasma systems because the bearings are isolated from the environment while the rolling contact between the wheel and track sweeps debris aside. On the Z-axis, precision guides and linear bearings are fully enclosed and allow for smooth, precise motion on the torch lifter.
  • Drive Motor System
    • The 2 phase digital, brush less, synchronous electric motors EZ Cut has selected have undergone extensive testing. The inductance and resistance of the windings are optimized for system smoothness. The integrated digital high-speed, heavy-duty NEMA 32 motor drives have also been optimized to run efficiently. 
  • Zero Backlash Gearbox
    • The X and Y axis drive transmissions are manufactured using a precision machined housing and feature steel cable reinforced urethane belt drives. The output pinions are supported by a dual bearing arbor with wide bearing separation for optimum stiffness. 
  • CNC Plasma Cutters
    • EZ Cut CNC offers a variety of conventional air plasma cutters made by Hypertherm and Victor Thermal Dynamics. The mechanized plasma torch mounts on a magnetic torch breakaway.