Value Components Built Into Our CNC Plasma Tables

When comparing CNC Plasma Tables, it is very important to compare the value features of the systems. Below are the When comparing CNC Plasma Cutting Systems, it is very important to compare the value features of the systems.

Below are the VALUE COMPONENTS of our systems:

DRIVE SYSTEM – Our drive system has Zero-Backlash. Watch our high-speed videos on our website or on YouTube to see the smooth, precision motion of our x, y, and z-axis.

SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE SYSTEM – our gantry, carriage, and z-axis all ride on V-Groove bearings giving our system positional accuracy in the cutting area of 0.001 “.

TABLE BOUNDARIES – The table boundaries are determined by electronic proximity optical sensors.
Z-AXIS MOTION – The z-axis is driven by rack and pinion.

SIDE RAILS AND GANTRY – Our rails and gantry are custom extruded aluminium giving our systems perfectly straight guidance on the x and y-axis.

END TRUCKS – Our end-trucks are custom aluminium castings which provide strength to support the drive systems and vibration-dampening from the table to the torch.

SOFTWARE – Our cutting software is complete with a shape library, pre-loaded cutting parameters for the plasma cutter, kerf-compensation, lead-ins and lead-outs, nesting, and plate cut-off.

COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION – User manual, electrical/electronic schematics, and bill of materials
TRUE TURN-KEY SYSTEM – Our system pricing includes on-site installation and training.

EXPERTISE IN PLASMA CUTTING APPLICATIONS – We have over twenty-five years in the cutting and welding industry and can give you solutions to any possible plasma cutting application you may have.

PLASMA CUTTERS – As an OEM for Hypertherm and Thermal Dynamics, we offer a complete range of conventional air plasmas, mixed-gas plasmas, and HD Precision plasmas.

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