CNC Plasma Cutting Tables for Industrial Metal Cutting and Custom Metal Fabrication

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CNC Plasma Table FAQ

CNC Plasma Cutter Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What size CNC plasma cutting table should I buy?
A) This is by far the single most common question that potential customers ask during their first CNC plasma cutting table purchase. The size table you select will be determined by the material size.  If you are planning on doing HVAC work then the 5′ x 10′ machine is the probably the best option. We recommend talking to your steel supplier to find out the cost difference of ordering different size material.  It is common for 4′ x 8′ sheets to cost less than 4′ x 4′ and the cost difference could easily be made up on the first material order.

Q) What are EZ Cut CNC’s plasma table & plasma cutter payment terms?
A) At EZ Cut CNC, our terms are very easy. We require 50% payment at time of shipment and 50% upon delivery of the system. Why would you pay in full and not even have the machine in your facility? Many manufactures are in different states, some different countries. At EZ Cut CNC we make sure the complete system is received by the customer before the final payment is made.

*EZ Cut CNC requires 100% payment for systems shipped outside of the USA.

Q) How thick can I cut with my plasma cutter?
A) The cutting process determines the thickness of material that can be cut.  The EZ Cut CNC machine simply moves the plasma cutter tool.  The manufacturer of the CNC plasma cutter is the best resource at this point. For example, most 100 amp plasma systems are limited to 3/4″ and down.  Refer to our Plasma Options page to find out the cut capacity of each CNC plasma cutter.

The previous two questions are by far the most critical questions to answer prior to purchasing a CNC plasma cutting system. Whether you are purchasing a CNC plasma table for $10,000 or a plasma table over $500,000, these two questions must be answered no matter what CNC plasma cutter manufacturer you decide on.

*The questions below are manufacturer specific and it’s critical to understand exactly what a manufacturer offers.

Q) Is training included in the purchase price?
A) Yes, all EZ Cut CNC plasma cutters include ON-SITE training. This ensures a speedy learning curve and a customer satisfaction rating second to none in the industry. Do you really want to spend $25,000 without receiving training at your facility?

Q) Is this a complete system?
A) Yes, every EZ Cut CNC plasma cutter is 100% complete and includes:

  • CNC Plasma Table
  • Plasma Torch and Plasma Power Supply
  • Controller
  • Computer
  • Cutting Software Package
  • Automatic Torch Height Control
  • On-site Training

Q) What happens if the machine does not meet our expectations?
A) EZ Cut will have one of our highly trained professional technicians work with you to ensure that every aspect of our CNC plasma table exceeds your expectations. No other manufacturer offers this kind of factory support!

Q) What type of CNC software does EZ Cut CNC plasma tables run?
A) The EZ Cut CNC plasma cutting software runs on the industry leading G-Code programming.  Our software package includes drawing tools, nesting, tool path generator (G-code), image to vector conversion, preloaded CNC plasma cutter parameters, and remote access for trouble-shooting. This is the same type of software that is used on water jets and lasers, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are less expensive competitive systems available that run plotter software similar to the technology you would find in a $35 dollar printer. What would you rather have? The choice is EZ.

Q) What advantage does Plasma have over Oxyfuel?
A) Plasma cutting provides numerous advantages over Oxyfuel. It cuts faster, does not require a pre-heat cycle, produces a small and more precise kerf (the width of the cut), and has a smaller heat-affected zone, which prevents the surrounding area from warping or damaging the paint.

The plasma process also cuts any type of electrically conductive metal (the Oxyfuel process cannot cut stainless steel or aluminum). Plasma cutting is a cleaner, less expensive and more convenient method of metal cutting because clean, dry air is used for most plasma cutting applications.