The components of a CNC plasma cutting system are what make or break a great plasma cutting system. If the components are not high-quality, the system itself will not be as high-quality as it should be. At EZCutCNC, we know how important it is to ensure that every component of our CNC plasma cutting systems, whether large or small, be the highest quality possible and that is how we add value to our systems. After all, another manufacturer may make a CNC plasma cutting system for the same price, or for cheaper, but what kind of value is their system, really? Are their components cheap? Are their systems lacking features and components that you are ultimately going to need? When you buy an EZCutCNC CNC plasma cutting system, you know you are getting a high value system and that it will have everything you need to achieve the fabrication that you desire. From time to time, we like to highlight what we call our ‘Value Components’ to showcase how each feature has been carefully selected for our systems. For this article, we are excited to highlight the quality of our CNC drive system.

The EZCutCNC drive system is a zero-backlash drive system that is powered by heavy-duty NEMA 34 drive motors. Our drive systems provide the high-speed cutting process with smooth, precise motion of our X(a), X(b), Y, and Z-axis. And, if you opt for our EZCutCNC Pro Series CNC Plasma Cutting System it features an enhanced, heavy-duty drive system with servo motors. EZCutCNC’s drive motor system has 2 phase digital, brushless, synchronous electric motors that have undergone extensive testing. Further, the inductance and resistance of the windings are optimized for system smoothness. And, our integrated digital high-speed heavy-duty NEMA 32 motor drives have always been optimized to run as efficiently as possible which is beneficial for the end-user.

When you want the highest quality CNC plasma cutting system, an EZCutCNC CNC plasma cutting system is a great investment. Not only do we pay careful attention to even the smallest of details but we work hard to ensure that our machines are durable, reliable, accurate, and precise. Our Value Components set us apart and we are proud that our CNC plasma cutting systems showcase excellent CNC drive systems.