Once you invest in an EZCutCNC CNC plasma cutting system there are very few things you will need, aside from the material being fabricated, to efficiently and effectively operate.  And, while our systems are exceptionally well-equipped with state-of-the-art features, plasma consumables have a limited lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. Though all consumables have an expected lifespan, many wear out far faster than they should (which wastes money) due to a variety of factors but that doesn’t have to be so.  Below are 4 ways to extend the life of your consumables when CNC plasma cutting.


4 Ways to Maximize the Life of Your CNC Plasma Consumables

  1. Check Your Pierce Height
    • When you are cutting through a plate it is important that your torch height be correct not only to maximize the quality of your cut but also to protect your consumables from wearing out too quickly.  If the torch is too close when piercing it may damage your shield cap and if it is too far may result in a misfire which will quickly reduce the life of your electrode.
  2. Optimize Your Gas Supply
    • Is your gas supply optimal?  If not, it should be to maximize the life of your consumables, as The Fabricator points out, “Problems with the gas supply are probably the most common causes of excessive consumable wear. One of the first things a service engineer does when responding to a call about poor consumable life is to run a system gas leak test. Leaks or other gas supply problems frequently are found, and they usually involve one or more of the following issues: restrictions in leads, leaks in leads or connections, and gas impurities stemming from leaks or the gas supply system itself.”  If you are not sure, now is the time to check your gas supply and put it on your lift of items to regularly maintain in your shop.
  3. Clean the Consumable
    • Something as simple as failing to routinely clean your consumables may be causing them to wear out more quickly than they should.  It is best to periodically clean the nozzle and shield cap to prevent double arcing from occurring because double arcing will shorten the life of a consumable.
  4. Air Filtration
    • Clean air is incredibly important when metal fabricating with a CNC plasma cutting system.  Because small particles and dust are created in the process of fabrication they must be properly removed to protect the health of everyone in the room, protect the cut quality, and protect the life of consumables as MetalForming Magazine points out, “Air supplied from a shop compressor often can be contaminated with dirt particles, water, oil particulates and oil aerosol. Proper filtration is paramount to achieving optimum cut quality and consumable life. Moisture in the air can disrupt the plasma-gas mixture, resulting in a deformed arc, while oil particulates and oil aerosols can cause electrode, nozzle or even torch failure.”