When it comes to technology, anything Hi-Def is usually the ‘best of the best.’  While other options may be good, doesn’t everyone want the highest-quality definition and precision, especially when it comes to plasma cutting systems?  Hypertherm, an industry leading manufacturer of plasma torches thinks so which is why they continue to innovate with their HyPerformance plasma cutting system line.

At EZCutCNC, we pride ourselves on working with the best brands in the industry and other brands that are constantly advancing technology which is why we work with Hypertherm.  When you invest in an EZCutCNC plasma cutting system you may choose to equip it with a Hypertherm HyPerformance plasma cutter.  Hypertherm describes what sets HyPerformance apart from traditional plasma cutters, “HyPerformance® plasma systems deliver superior productivity in x-y, bevel and robotic cutting and marking applications on metal ranging up to 160 mm (6 1/4”) thick. The combination of faster cutting speeds, rapid process cycling, quick changeovers and high reliability boosts throughput while dramatically lowering operating costs.
Customers can choose the systems and combination of options that best suit their requirements today. Modules are designed to work interchangeably, providing the flexibility to easily upgrade to meet future needs. HyPerformance plasma cuts fine-feature parts with superior quality and consistency, eliminating the cost of secondary operations…Incorporating Hypertherm’s proven HyDefinition®, LongLife®, and patented PowerPierce®, True Hole®, and True Bevel™ technologies, HyPerformance products offer the ultimate in mild steel cutting performance, as well as excellent stainless steel and aluminum capabilities. Advanced torch and consumable technologies deliver more consistent cut quality over the full consumable life.”

Fabricators that want to take their capabilities to the next level are upgrading to Hi-Def/Precision plasma cutters because the cut quality is simply unmatched. Hypertherm HyPerformance plasma cutting systems give you the peace of mind that your plasma cutter will reliably produce accurate, precise, and pristine cuts every time.  Further, HyPerformance plasma cutting systems boast a faster cut speed which enhances your fabrication shop’s productivity.  Enhanced productivity means increased profitability as well, making an investment in Hypertherm HyPerformance plasma cutting systems an investment that will provide a good ROI.  The best plasma cutter for your unique fabrication shop will depend on your fabricating needs including material type, sheet size, material thickness, and desired end result but, ultimately, you can’t go wrong with an investment in a Hypertherm HyPerformance plasma cutting system.