Fabricating with Stainless Steel

While CNC plasma cutting systems are able to fabricate stainless steel, most plasma torches cannot cut as thick of sheets when compared with mild steel cutting capabilities.  At EZCutCNC, we are proud to only use the highest-quality current technologies and it is those state-of-the-art features that make our plasma cutting systems a great investment.  When fabricating stainless steel there has traditionally been some struggles with achieving desired tired quality and precision.  But fortunately, technology continues to improve and today’s plasma torches and fabricating techniques are far more capable of successful CNC plasma fabrication of stainless steel.

Traditionally, achieving both efficiency and quality was challenging with stainless and you would often have to sacrifice one or the other but not anymore.  The Fabricator describes the advancements in CNC plasma fabrication of stainless steel, “Fortunately, the capabilities of today’s machines are vastly improved. An expanded range of gas choices and amperages provide plasma system operators with a wide array of options for cutting various thicknesses. This way fabricators can choose the best amperage for a given thickness and strike the ideal balance between productivity and cut quality…Proper gas selection is the first step toward success when using plasma to cut stainless steel. Air used as both the cutting and shielding gas is a common choice for fast cut speeds and low cost, but the heavily oxidized black surface finish often requires labor-intensive secondary operations to remove it…The next consideration for successful stainless steel cutting with plasma is material type. 304L, an austenitic stainless steel, is the most commonly used grade worldwide. When a plasma process engineered for cutting 304L is applied to another, similar austenitic alloy, for example 316L, dross and a rough cut edge can result…Each material type responds differently to plasma cutting. The many stainless steel options require many different cutting processes for best results.”

At EZCutCNC, we have a wide selection of CNC plasma cutters that can be used to fabricate stainless steel including air plasma cutters, mixed-gas plasma cutters, and Hi-Def plasma cutters. Our selection of air plasma cutters can cut stainless steel sheets that range from .500’’ – .750’’ thick.  Our mixed-gas plasma cutters can cut stainless steel sheets that range from .750’’ – 1.250’’ thick.  And, our Hi-Def plasma cutters can cut stainless steel sheets that range from .625’’ – 1.250’’.  If you need assistance choosing the best CNC plasma cutting system to fabricate stainless steel we are happy to help you with your decision and answer any  questions you might have.