While plasma cutting has been around for decades, automated CNC plasma cutting would not be possible without CAD and CAM software. Handheld plasma cutting could theoretically achieve the same result but in reality, the precision, speed, accuracy, and quality of cut would not be possible with handheld plasma cutting alone.

CAD software is the drawing software with which unique cuts, parts, and pieces are created. CAM software generates the specific instructions (G-code) that communicates with the CNC controller and tells it exactly how to execute a cut. Drawings, dimensions, shapes, sizes, torch height and more can be saved so that the same cut can be executed again and again with accuracy each time. The Fabricator further elaborates on how useful software is when it comes to automated CNC plasma cutting, “CAD software is used to draw the parts. If you are a heavyweight with computers, you may be accustomed to AutoCAD®. Other programs available include AutoSketch® and CorelDRAW®. If you don’t have any CAD experience, don’t worry about it. It is getting easier and easier to learn. And that’s what customer support is for. You can be drawing simple parts in an hour. Sometimes your customer will e-mail you a nice drawing saved in a DXF file format, but sometimes a customer will shuffle into your shop, butt out his smoke, and make a sketch on your floor with a piece of soapstone. You will really be able to dazzle the old boy when you step up to your monitor and redraw his floor art in the form of a perfect CAD drawing. Remember to save your masterpiece as a DXF file. CAM software is used to make the CAD drawing ready for cutting. It is important to make sure that the CAM software that comes with your system is easy to operate and has enough features. CAD and CAM software makes it possible for your to precisely create the shapes and drawings that you want, generate diameters, nest the shapes to minimize material waste, and very quickly execute cuts.”

As The Fabricator indicates ,it is very important that you choose a CNC plasma cutting system that comes with software that is easy to operate. At EZCutCNC, we not only provide on-site training to ensure that you understand how to use our software. But, our software is so user-friendly that you will be able to execute cuts on your first try!  To elevate your CNC plasma cutting business, choose a CNC plasma cutting system with high-quality CAD and CAM software.