One of the most important components of a CNC plasma cutting system is the motor. The quality of the motor will directly impact how the overall system operates and the quality of the cut that you are able to achieve. At EZCutCNC, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality components to ensure that we are providing our clients with maximum value.

One value component that is very important is the drive motor system. We use NEMA 32 motor drives because they have been optimized to run efficiently and effectively. These heavy-duty motor drives are 2 phase digital, brushless, synchronous electric motors. Further, the inductance and resistance of the windings are optimized for system smoothness. NEMA motors are some of the most reliable motors on the market and they are also energy efficient, as NEMA points out, “NEMA Premium® labeled electric motors will assist purchasers to optimize motor systems efficiency, reduce electrical power consumption and costs, and improve system reliability. It is estimated that the NEMA Premium® efficiency motor program would save 5,800 gigawatts of electricity. This translates to preventing nearly 80 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over the next 10 years — equivalent to keeping 16 million cars off the road.”

We always extensively test our motors to ensure they run effectively and will efficiently operate your CNC plasma cutting system. Our systems allow high-speed cutting without ever sacrificing precision or cut quality. Our systems are designed to hep you achieve maximum value in your investment. Our systems are extremely durable so that they continue to not only last but provide the same high-quality service to you, time and time again. The NEMA 32 motor is just one value component that contributes to your ability to produce high-volume cutting and fabrication as needed. We offer 3 table sizes to accommodate your CNC plasma cutting needs and the NEMA 32 motor makes the perfect addition to these table sizes. The three table sizes include:

  • EZ Cut 11000 Series – 6′ x 12′ Plasma Cutting Table (78″ x 148″ cutting surface area)
  • EZ Cut 8000 Series – 5′ x 10′ Plasma Cutting Table (66″ x 123″ cutting surface area)
  • EZ Cut 5000 Series – 4′ x 8′ Plasma Cutting Table (52″ x 98″ cutting surface area)