Each component that makes up a CNC plasma cutting system is important. If you skimp on the quality of the components, the end result is a CNC plasma cutting system that may not produce the results that you want. At EZCutCNC, we prioritize quality at every stage of manufacturing which means that every component of our CNC plasma cutting systems is high-quality and durable, including the gantry.

The gantry is the main (and one of the most important) component of a CNC plasma cutting system. ESAB offers a more specific definition of what a gantry is and how important it is in a CNC plasma cutting system, “A gantry is defined as “any of various spanning frameworks, as a bridge-like portion of certain cranes.” In other words, it is a structure that bridges over an area. Like gantry cranes, the word is often used to refer to a structure that moves on wheels, often riding on a set of parallel rails. Most machines designed for cutting flat steel plate use a gantry design because it is an easy way to move cutting torches in an X-Y coordinate system. The rail system that the gantry rides on forms one axis, usually the X-axis. The gantry bridge itself forms the other axis, usually the Y-axis. By motorizing each axis and coordinating the motion of the two axes simultaneously, you can move a torch in any pattern necessary to cut shapes out of steel plate. Thus, a gantry design lends itself to CNC shape cutting, which primarily uses an X-Y coordinate system for programming parts.”

As you can see, the quality of the cuts you achieve and how effectively your system operates depends heavily on the quality of the gantry. On an EZCutCNC CNC plasma cutting system, we consider our gantry to be a ‘value component’ because it adds extreme value the overall product we offer clients. The gear rack is mounted and bolted to machined surfaces on the side rails and gantry. The gantry itself offers superb rigidity and strength because it is fabricated with extruded aluminum. Because of the quality of construction, it minimizes vibration which ultimately improves the results when cutting.