At EZCutCNC, we know that what makes a system great is the sum of its parts. If you try to cut corners with parts, the end result will not be as good, effective, long-lasting, or precise as it would have been if you would have used better parts. We select each component of our CNC plasma cutting systems to be durable, long-lasting and provide you with the most precise and accurate cut possible. We believe that each of those parts adds value to the overall system.

One value component that is important to highlight is the drive system. ESAB provides a helpful description of how the drive system functions in a CNC plasma cutting system and why it is such an important component, “A CNC plasma machine also requires a drive system, consisting of drive amplifiers, motors, encoders, and cables. There will be at least two motors, one for the X-axis and one for the Y-axis. There is a drive amplifier for each motor, which takes a low-power signal from the CNC and turns it into a higher-powered signal to move the motor. Each axis has a feedback mechanism, usually an encoder, which creates a digital signal indicating how far the axis has moved. Cables take the power from the amplifier to the motor, and carry the position signals from the encoder back to the CNC. The CNC reads the part program and then outputs signals to the machine’s drive system which moves the torch in the desired direction at the programmed speed. The CNC reads the encoder feedback and makes corrections to the drive signals as required to keep the torch motion on the programmed path. All of the electronics in the CNC and drive system work and communicate very quickly, often measuring and updating position information every few milliseconds. This allows the machine motion to be smooth and accurate enough to produce plasma cut parts with a smooth, straight, consistent edge quality, and precise part dimensions.”

At EZCutCNC, we use a zero-backlash drive system that is powered by heavy-duty NEMA 34 drive motors. These motors facilitate smooth and precise motion of the X (a), X (b), Y, and Z-axis. Our drive system consists of 2 phase, digital, brushless, synchronous electric motors and we have extensively tested them to ensure their efficacy. Further, should our customers opt for the EZCutCNC PRO Series cutting system which is built for high-volume industrial cutting using mixed gas and high definition CNC plasma cutters, their system will come with an enhanced, heavy-duty drive system with servo motors to accommodate their cutting needs.