When you invest in a CNC plasma cutting system you want to achieve pristine cuts with ease.  Automated cutting only works if you have the right software to actually communicate with the CNC controller and tell it where to move and cut.  Many CNC plasma cutting companies will sell a system that has all of the hardware but no software, leaving you to figure out what you need to achieve the cuts you desire.  Other systems will sell you a system with a stripped down version of software that can hardly do anything.  At EZCutCNC, we believe in providing our customers with a complete system that contains everything you need to begin cutting right away.  And, not only that, our CNC CAD and CAM software is state-of-the-art technology that will easily, efficiently, and accurately help you achieve the cuts and machining you want.  When you are looking around at competitors, it can be hard to tell what type of software you need, what features you should be looking for, and how to tell “good software” from “bad software.”  Below are 3 components of quality CNC plasma cutting software.
3 Components of Quality CNC Plasma Cutting Software

  • Contains both CAD Drawing & CAM Cutting Software
    • This may seem obvious to some but it is important that your CNC plasma cutting software has both CAD drawing and CAM cutting software – otherwise you will not be able to operate your system.  If you just have CAD software you will be able to draw and create the cuts you want, but you will not be able to execute them.  If you just have CAM software you will be able to execute a cut but will not have the software necessary to actually create the design and parameters your CAM software needs to execute the cuts.
  • Easy to Use
    • Software should be easy to use because most metal fabricators are not software engineers.  You should not need a special degree to use your CAD/CAM software and if you do, it is not very good or practical. At EZCutCNC, our software is not only exceptional, it is incredibly easy to use.  In fact, most users are able to create and execute a cut the first time they use it with very little instruction.
  • Dynamic and Robust
    • Just because our software is easy to use, make no mistake, it is still state-of-the-art, dynamic and robust software.  Our software contains multiple part grid nesting, pre-loaded cutting parameters, kerf-compensation, lead-in & lead-outs, tool path generator (G code), easy image to vector, and remote access for trouble-shooting.