When you are investing in a CNC plasma cutting system there are many things to consider. It is important to weigh all options carefully so that you invest in a cutting system that can actually achieve all of the cuts and fabrication that you want/need. Also, many clients find it helpful to consider whether or not they may need certain features in the future that way, rather than investing in a new plasma cutting system, their existing system is capable of necessary expansion. One of the most common questions we get is – how thick of material can this system cut? This is a complex question that depends on the type of plasma cutter you choose as well as the plasma gas used when cutting.

First, the actual cutting process determines the material thickness capable of being cut. At EZCutCNC, we design and manufacture the CNC machine but it is the actual plasma cutting tool that determines material thickness cutting ability. One of the easiest ways to get your questions about material thickness answered is to go directly to the CNC plasma cutter manufacturer. We work with exceptional, industry-leading plasma cutter manufacturers to ensure that our clients are getting the best of the best – Hypertherm and Victor Thermal Dynamics. Both of these manufacturers carry a variety of plasma cutter options including air plasma cutters, mixed-gas plasma cutters, and Hi-Def plasma cutters. But, the options do not stop there.

There are many different models of each type of plasma cutter and their maximum thickness cutting ability varies significantly. For example, a Hypertherm Powermax125 (air plasma cutter) has a maximum pierce ability of 0.750’’ for stainless steel but a Hypertherm HPR260XD (Hi-Def plasma cutter) has a maximum pierce ability of 1.250’’ for stainless steel – quite the difference! If you need enhanced cutting ability for stainless steel because that is the primary material you fabricate this will play a huge role in determining what plasma cutter is best for your business. Because of this, it is imperative that you ask this question before purchasing a CNC plasma cutting system. At EZCutCNC, we have extensive industry experience and an unmatched depth of knowledge about metal fabrication so we are more than happy to answer any of your application-specific questions to help you determine just what CNC plasma cutting system is best for your needs.