When you begin shopping for a CNC plasma cutting system, you will soon find that there are many (MANY) options out there. But, make no mistake; they are not all created equal. It is important to shop around and look at both the quality of construction and the features/components that are included. There are many inferior, bare bones CNC plasma cutting systems on the market today. Choosing a system with the features you need, the size you need, the price point you need, the cutter you want, and more can be difficult. And, sometimes, it can be hard to find a “stock” CNC plasma cutter that meets those needs. That is why, at EZCutCNC, we not only stock a variety of CNC plasma cutting system models with a variety of popular features and sizes to meet client needs, but we also offer the option to design a completely custom CNC plasma cutting system.

That is right, if you can dream it, we can build the CNC plasma cutting system you want. EZCutCNC is a subsidiary of Machitech Automation and because of this; we are able to offer the option to custom build your CNC plasma cutting system from 16’ up to 40’! There are many industrial businesses that need custom plasma table dimensions which we are more than happy to accommodate and work with. Further, we offer the ability to customize maximum table capacity. So, while some tables can handle 1.5’’ material thickness, 4’’ material thickness, and others can handle 8’’ material thickness, we do not stop there – we can customize it to meet your material thickness needs. Our custom CNC plasma cutting systems are built with the same attention to detail and high quality, durable materials as all of our other systems but they are designed to specifically meet your unique needs. All EZCutCNC plasma systems offer a variety of value components that set us above competitors in the market. Our tables are versatile, durable and complete – they contain everything you need to start cutting immediately, including state-of-the-art CNC CAD drawing and CAM cutting software. We know that our clients are incredibly diverse with unique cutting and fabrication needs and we are here to ensure that the system in which you invest can accommodate your needs to give you an excellent cutting experience.