At EZCutCNC, we always carefully craft each of our CNC plasma cutting systems to the unique needs of our clients. Our client’s needs can vary significantly with a huge range of material thickness, cut speed, material type, and parts produced. Because of that, we have a variety of different CNC plasma cutting systems designed specifically for a differing needs to ensure that those needs are well-met. While our EZCutCNC Series systems are great for a range of industrial metal fabrication businesses from high-volume production cutting to fabricating a few prototype parts, there are certain businesses that have additional needs. That is where the EZCutCNC Pro Series comes in. The Pro Series is built for a clients that have high-volume industrial cuttings needs using mixed gas and high definition CNC plasma cutters.

The EZCutCNC Pro Series has a variety of features in addition to our standard features that come with the EZCutCNC Series. The Pro Series is specifically designed for high-volte industrial fabrication projects. The mixed gas and high definition jets are capable of handling thick or heavy plate metal. Always included in any EZCutCNC plasma cutting system is an industrial CNC plasma cutting table, mechanized plasma cutter, integrated CNC controller, zero-backlash drive system and gearbox, automatic torch height control (ATHC), computer and stand, EZCutCNC software package that includes CAD and CAM cutting programs, and on-site training by an EZCutCNC technical professional. But in addition to these great features, we offer three additional features that we believe are excellent reasons to choose the EZCutCNC Pro Series.

3 Reasons to Choose the EZCut CNC Pro Series

  1. Enhanced, heavy-duty drive system with self-adjusting servo motors
  2. Linear bearings on all cutting axis
  3. Heavy-duty torch lifter can handle almost any task

EZCutCNC Pro Series Models

  • EZ Cut 11000 PRO Series – 6′ x 12′ Plasma Table (78″ x 148″ cutting surface area)
  • EZ Cut 8000 PRO Series – 5′ x 10′ Plasma Table (66″ x 123″ cutting surface area)

If you are wondering which EZCutCNC plasma cutting system is right for you, we have a team of highly experienced individuals who can answer any questions and help you determine which system is best for you. Further, we can help you choose the ideal size table to accommodate your material sheet size and plan for any potential future needs.