The workshop is not like any other typical “office setting.” It is rough and equipment in a metal fabrication workshop needs to be durable enough to withstand the rough environment. EZCutCNC produces high quality CNC plasma cutting systems with outstanding table construction that are still economically priced. Many competitors will claim to make a great CNC plasma system at an affordable price but as we all know – not every CNC plasma system is created equal and often where that most apparently shows is in the quality of table construction.

EZCutCNC plasma cutting systems have outstanding table construction and no detail has been overlooked. First, the base is fully welded and has a water-tight frame. Our base can be configured to meet your needs and can be a downdraft, water table or hybrid. Further, it features an integrated drosss pan/fume extraction plenum and reinforced steel leg supports. And, it has heavy-duty slats and slat supports that are designed for easy and secure loading of sheet metal. Next, our gantry is custom engineered to provide maximum stiffness using high quality machined aluminum. And, our custom steel carriage is fully enclosed to protect the Y and Z axis motors. The 3/9’’ wall thickness and 6’’ x 8’’ rectangular tube structure combine to make the gantry extremely rigid. Also, the cables for the controller and plasma cutter are protected by a 4’’ wide cross-axis track that is located on both the X and Y axis. To continue, our custom steel end trucks are used to house X-axis drive motors and bearings. The supports are machined on a four axis horizontal machining center to ensure that they are parallel and perpendicular. Further, our self-contained recirculating DualVee™ bearings are used on the X and Y axis. We did this because, due to our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we know that it is ideal for plasma systems because the bearings are isolated from the environment while the rolling contact between the wheel and track sweeps debris aside. On the Z-axis, the precision guides and linear bearings are fully enclosed and allow for smooth, precise motion on the torch lifter. Next, the drive motor system is a 2 phase digital, brushless, synchronous electric motor that we have carefully selected and have put through extensive testing. The inductance and resistance of the windings are optimized for system smoothness. And, the integrated digital high-speed heavy-duty NEMA 32 motor drives have been optimized to run efficiently. The zero backlash gearbox has the X and Y axis drive transmissions that are manufactured using a precision-machined housing and feature steel cable reinforced urethane belt drives. The output pinions are supported by a dual bearing arbor with wide bearing separation for optimum stiffness. Finally, at EZCutCNC, we opted to work with only the best brands of CNC plasma cutters. We carry a variety of conventional air plasma cutters, mixed gas plasma cutters, and Hi-Def plasma cutters that are made by Hypertherm and Victor Thermal Dynamics and they are attached to a mechanized plasma torch mount on a magnetic torch breakaway.

Do your research and ask competitors if they provide the same level of attention to detail and durable, high-quality construction. We already know the answer and that is why we have such dedicated customers. EZCutCNC CNC plasma cutting systems have the best table construction available, making them the best investment for your workshop.