EZCutCNC systems are designed using the highest-quality, most durable materials. They are designed to withstand the heavy use and often rough environment of metal fabrication workshops. Our systems are designed to provide pristine cuts with optimized precision. EZCutCNC plasma cutters do just that in a variety of ways. One feature of our systems is our zero-backlash gearbox. Our zero-backlash gearbox uses X and Y axis drive transmissions that are manufactured using precision machined housing and feature steel cable reinforced urethane belt drives. Also, the output pinions are supported by a dual bearing arbor with wide bearing separation for optimum stiffness.

As metal fabricators know, zero-backlash is incredibly important. CNC Cookbook provides a helpful description of what exactly backlash is and why it is important to minimize or eliminate it, “Backlash is any kind of unexpected play in an axis due to clearance or looseness of mechanical parts.  When the axis is commanded to move, the drive motor may turn briefly before movement begins.  That delay is the backlash. Backlash has a variety of causes.  The most common is play between the leadscrew threads and those of the nut.  ACME screws can have considerable backlash of this kind, while ballscrews may have almost none.  Another source is any tendency for the screw to move axial in the bearings that hold it, or any other such play in the system.  Precision angular contact bearings with preload are often used to combat this tendency.  Gears, belts, and chains can all introduce backlash into a mechanical system.  Even loose fasteners or flex in the mounting plates or chassis can be a source of backlash.” When cutting direction is changed, backlash can occur. Though many systems aim to simply minimize backlash, we use a gearbox that offers zero backlash. That means that our gearbox has been perfectly designed and manufactured to ensure that no thermal expansion or retraction interferes with the system. Depending on the degree of backlash, it can damage the materials being cut which wastes resources and time, and it can damage the CNC plasma cutting system itself which is incredibly costly. When you invest in a CNC plasma cutting system, it is important to invest in one that is state-of-the-art and well-built so that it withstand the rigors of use and time. By investing in a CNC plasma cutting system that has zero-backlash, you make the cutting process far easier, improve the quality of your cuts and know that you have a system that you can rely on – what could be better?