There is no doubt about it; a CNC plasma cutting system can offer unparalleled benefits to a metal fabricator. For the metal fabricator looking to expand their business, expedite processes, increase profits, improve accuracy or anything else, investing in a state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutting system is often a wise choice. But, even if you are an experienced metal fabricator, you may not know exactly what a CNC plasma cutting system is and knowing what it is and how it works is vital to understanding its value. Therefore, we wanted to break it down and closely examine what a CNC plasma cutting system is.

To understand what a CNC plasma cutting system is, it would be advantageous to first understand what CNC stands for. CNC simply stands for Computer Numerical Control. With CNC plasma cutting, a computer coupled with sophisticated software controls the machine tools. It tells the tools exactly what to do and in the instance of plasma cutting, tells the torch exactly where to go to execute a specific design. There is not just one software for CNC plasma cutting, there are a variety and some systems come with software while others do not. That is one of the immense values of investing in an EZCut CNC plasma cutting system – you get a complete system that contains state-of-the-art CAD drawing and CAM cutting software.

The “language” used to communicate cutting parameters and tool instructions is called “G-Code.” When completing a cut, a CAD drawing is created first and then the software creates the necessary code that the machine will understand and execute. Your CNC plasma cutting system can execute that cut once or thousands (or millions!) of times – whatever is needed. And, because it is controlled by computer code, the cuts will be precise and identical every time which is something that would be impossible with handheld cutting.

A plasma cutter is a torch that is frequently described as the “fourth matter.” It is described as such because there are three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas and matter changes from one stage to another when heat is introduced. Plasma is created by heating gas which is why it is called the fourth state of matter. The plasma torch channels this electrically conductive gas (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, shop air, etc.) and cuts or machines any type of conductive material. Plasma torches can reach a temperature of up to 40,000° F! Another great reason to use a CNC plasma cutter – it offers significantly improved safety over handheld cutting! With a complete understanding of what CNC plasma cutting is, now you can explore model options with the basic knowledge you need to understand in what you rae investing.