At EZ Cut CNC, we love to discuss the value components that set our CNC plasma cutting systems apart from other systems. While there are many other companies that make CNC plasma cutting systems, we are confident that once you begin to do your research, you will see that we offer far more value components to our customers. Our systems are effective, efficient, and economical and we never skimp on the details. In fact, our CNC plasma cutting systems come complete with everything you need to begin achieving sophisticated cuts upon installation. Though our systems boast a wide array of features, we wanted to take a closer look at one of our favorites – table versatility – and explore just how versatile our tables really are!
One of the main reasons our tables are so versatile is that they can configured for down draft or water table setup. This is because our CNC plasma cutting systems use a water-tight frame. This means there is versatility for your preferred smoke/dust/particle removal method. When it comes to metal fabrication, there are two schools of thought over which is best. A water table is more efficient at removal of smoke and debris and materials do not get damaged or warped as easily during the cutting process since they are being cut while under water. Down draft systems can cut more metals and are easier to clean but they are less efficient. Whichever method you choose, you can accomplish the cuts you want with an EZ Cut CNC plasma cutting system.
In addition to choose from a versatile table setup, our systems have the ability to have the controller, computer stand, and X-axis cable track placed on either side of the table. This is important because not all metal fabrication shops are the same size or have the same layout so by being versatile when it comes to configuration, our tables can accommodate any metal fabrication shop layout without necessitating major changes. We are incredibly proud of how much value we manage to pack into each and every one of our CNC plasma cutting systems. Below is a list of all of our Value Components. We encourage you to look through the list and do you research when investing in a CNC plasma cutting system – we are confident our list of Value Components is far longer and more impressive than any others on the market.

Value Components:

  • Drive System
  • Support and Guidance System
  • CNC Plasma Table Boundaries
  • Z-Axis Motion
  • Side Rails and Gantry
  • End Trucks
  • Software
  • Table Versatility
  • Complete Documentation
  • Turn-Key System
  • Expertise in Plasma Cutting Applications
  • CNC Plasma Cutters