CNC plasma cutting has been around for quite a while. Traditional forms of CNC plasma cutting include air and mixed-gas. At EZ Cut CNC, we are original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for Hypertherm and Victor Thermal Dynamics and not only do they produce air plasma cutters and mixed-gas plasma cutters, but they also produce hi-def plasma cutters. So, what many fabricators want to know is – what is the difference between traditional plasma cutters and hi-def plasma cutters?

CNC plasma cutting is the preferred method over handheld cutting because it is far more accurate and efficient, producing better cuts with less waste. But, CNC plasma cutting with air and mixed-gas is no lot the only technology, hi-def CNC plasma cutting is the latest, most-advanced technology. Welding and Gases Today elaborates on what exactly hi-def plasma cutting is, “While high-definition plasma cutting systems were first introduced in the early 1990s, they were known as a finicky process that also required an expert machine operator to “tweak” the controls for best performance, often resulting in less than perfect conditions. The latest developments with high-definition class plasmas have all of the parameters that control the high-temperature physics in the plasma torch out of the operator’s hands, automating these parameters in conjunction with CAM software and the PC-based control. Electrical interfaces that used to be hardwired, highly complex and prone to failure on the shop floor are now as simple as a single Ethernet-based interface between the CNC control, the plasma, the gas flow control system and the torch height control system. Internal diagnostics allow for instant troubleshooting feedback and can also allow for direct to factory connections for online troubleshooting if needed with the experts. These new plasma system technologies have addressed cut quality issues, and, through advanced power supply and gas flow control technology, have increased plasma consumable parts life dramatically, in some cases up to six to ten times the life of past plasma systems parts life.”

High-definition plasma cutting has significantly grown in popularity and, for the majority of industrial plate cutting, has become the industry standard. Why is hi-def plasma cutting so popular? It provides the ability to achieve higher productivity, increased accuracy, a lower cost per individual cut, and it is generally easier to use. It took some time, as well as trial and error, to perfectly hone hi-def CNC plasma cutting. But, as anyone who has used it would tell you, today’s hi-def systems are very different than their 20-year old original counterparts. Today’s hi-def plasma cutters are state-of-the-art and take CNC plasma cutting to the next level.