When you invest in a new CNC plasma cutting system for your metal fabrication shop you will want to prepare for its arrival. That means ensuring there is adequate space in your shop to accommodate your new plasma system, ensuring there is adequate power supply to the area and, perhaps one of the most important preparations – ensuring you have a way to manage and remove plasma cutter fumes. No matter what type of metal fabrication work you do, if you are using a CNC plasma cutter in an enclosed space (as most metal fabrication shops are) , then you must have an adequate way to manage fumes for your safety and the safety of those working nearby. CNC plasma cutters produce fumes and small particles that are so small you cannot see them and often become so hot that they turn into smoke.

Whatever type of work you do in your metal fabrication shop, it is imperative that you have ventilation that can adequately control and remove particles of all sizes. Fabricating and Metal Working describes the importance of proper ventilation and the two types to consider, “Plasma cutting produces a hefty amount of dust and smoke. Without proper ventilation or other dust-containment measures, the dust and smoke can quickly overtake an enclosed room. Most cutter manufacturers recommend their cutters not be used outdoors, which means you’ll have to provide your own indoor containment measures…A downdraft system consists of skirts around the base of the table that enclose all the area under the table, and a fan that sucks air down through the table and outdoors (or through your air-filtration system, if you’re recirculating the air). This is a very simple and effective system for eliminating dust and smoke, but typically must be custom configured for each installation…A water table is another dust and smoke containment system, consisting of a shallow table of water placed under the cutting surface of the table. As the machine is cutting the metal, sparks and dust are blown down into the water where they are quickly doused. When using a water table, be extra careful to keep all electrical components away from the water.” Proper ventilation to remove fumes and particles will protect health and your metal fabrication shop’s operational equipment and environment. If fumes and particles were to not be ventilated, they would accumulate and lead to the breakdown of equipment, further creating a hazardous work environment. When you invest in a CNC plasma cutting system and endeavor to prepare your metal fabrication shop for its arrival, be certain to install proper ventilation for the type of plasma cutter in which you have invested.