At EZCutCNC, we talk often about how our CNC plasma cutting systems are complete systems containing everything you need to start cutting right away and revolutionize the way your metal fabrication shop works. A CNC plasma cutting system can dramatically enhance productivity and reduce error as well as waste through the aid of CNC CAD and CAM software and the CNC controller that perform pristine cuts. But, while we talk about the CNC controller and consider it a valuable component of our systems, many do not know exactly what the CNC controller is or the vital role it plays in achieving such sophisticated cuts.

The CNC controller is like the brain of a CNC plasma cutting system, it receives and processes data and then transmits that data to the plasma cutter’s drive system. It works with the system’s motor and drive components to control the movements of the plasma cutter so that it can accurately and precisely execute the programmed motions. The controller also receives feedback so that it can adjust cut speed or position as needed during the cutting process. The “middle man” is often used to describe someone or something that is superfluous and overkill but if there was ever a useful middle man, the CNC controller is the most useful middle man of all, functioning as an important link between the computer system and the mechanical components of a CNC plasma cutting system.

At EZCutCNC, our CNC controller is high-end, durable and an invaluable component in our exceptional CNC plasma cutting systems. The cables for the CNC controller and plasma cutter are carefully protected by a 4’’ wide cross-axis track that is located on both the X and Y axis. The computer stand, CNC controller, and X-axis tracking can be attached on either side of the table for easy configuration in your fabrication shop. Our experienced staff will provide customers with training and support to ensure that customers feel completely comfortable using their new CNC plasma cutting system and understand the role of each component and how to use each component for cutting and metal fabrication success. Our systems are complete with software, durable structure, plasma torch, automatic torch height control, and the CNC controller to ensure that you will be able to begin cutting right away, your system will produce the best possible cuts, and your investment will stand the test of time – paying for itself again and again with enhanced productivity and accuracy.