EZCut CNC is a proud producer of top-of-the-line CNC plasma cutting systems.  We have been doing so for over 25 years and it is our exceptional systems that have developed such a loyal customer base.  Customers know when they want to purchase affordable yet high-quality systems that they can be hard to find and many often skimp on features.  Not so with EZCut CNC plasma cutting systems. There are many CNC plasma cutting systems available on the market but none as complete as the systems we offer.  Our systems include everything you need to start cutting right away, cut the materials you need to cut in your fabrication shop, and enjoy a long-lasting investment. EZCut CNC plasma cutting systems come standard with the CNC plasma cutting table, mechanized plasma cutter, CNC controller, ATHC (Automatic Torch Height Control), computer and stand, drawing and cutting software, on-site training, and technical support by phone and email.

Our systems are incredibly durable and well-constructed.They can be configured as a downdraft or water table. EZCut CNC tables are ideal for any business that is in need of superb industrial metal fabrication for both high-volume production cutting or fabricating of a few prototype parts.  Additionally, with our Pro Series our customers will get an enhanced, heavy-duty drive system with servo motors, linear bearings on all axis, and a heavy-duty torch lifter. And, while these standard features are wonderful and we take great pride in them, we do not stop there.  We go above and beyond for our clients to include 13 additional features to ensure that our plasma cutting systems include everything you could ever want and need – providing you the best value for your investment.

13 Additional Features of EZ Cut CNC Plasma Cutting Systems

  1. CAD drawing, CAM cutting software included
  2. Industry leading integrated 15″ laptop
  3. Computer stand, controller, and X-axis tracking can be attached on either side of the table for easy configuration in your fabrication shop.
  4. Automatic Torch Height Control (ATHC)
  5. X(a), X(b) Y, and Z table boundaries are set by electronic optical proximity sensors to prevent hitting the hard stops
  6. Self cleaning, bolted V-guides
  7. Enclosed precision rack and pinion
  8. Linear gear rack is mounted on precision machined surface of side rails and gantry
  9. Magnetic torch breakaway
  10. Ohmic and touch pressure sensors for surface detection
  11. On-site training included
  12. Integrates with Hypertherm and Victor Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters
  13. Proudly made in the USA and Canada