At EZCut CNC, we have dedicated ourselves to creating the best turnkey CNC plasma cutting systems on the market. We have taken our years of experience and knowledge to ensure that our systems have everything needed for customers to begin cutting "right out of the box." Customers can choose from a variety of features and options to uniquely craft a CNC plasma cutting system that meets the needs of their metal fabrication shop. At EZCut CNC, we offer clients a selection of CNC plasma cutters. The kind of torch that is right for your metal fabrication shop will depend on a variety of factors including the types of material you typically cut, the thickness of material you tend to cut, and personal preference. There are two primary kinds of plasma cutters and within each category there are different models with a variety of features.

  1. Air Plasma Cutters
    • Lincoln Electric explains how air plasma cutting works, "Conventional plasma systems typically use shop air as the plasma gas, and the shape of the plasma arc is basically defined by the orifice of the nozzle. The approximate amperage of this type of plasma arc is 12-20K amps per square inch. All handheld systems utilize conventional plasma, and it is still used in some mechanized applications where the part tolerances are more forgiving."
    • At EZCut CNC, we carry the following air plasma cutting options:
      • Hypertherm
        • Powermax125 (max pierce 1.000’’)
        • Powermax105 (max pierce 0.875’’)
        • Powermax85 (max pierce 0.750’’)
        • Powermax65 (max pierce 0.625’’)
      • Victor Thermal Dynamics
        • Cutmaster A120 (max pierce 0.750’’)
        • Cutmaster A80 (max pierce 0.750’’)
        • Cutmaster A60 (max pierce 0.625’’)
  2. Mixed-Gas Plasma Cutters
    • Lincoln Electric explains how mixed-gas plasma cutting works, "Precision plasma systems (high current density) are designed and engineered to produce the sharpest, highest quality cuts that are achievable with plasma. The torch and consumable designs are more complex, and additional pieces are included to further constrict and shape the arc. A precision plasma arc is approximately 40-50K amps per square inch. Multiple gases such as oxygen, high purity air, nitrogen, and a hydrogen/argon/nitrogen mixture are used as the plasma gas for optimum results on a multitude of conductive materials.
    • At EZCut CNC, we carry the following mixed-gas plasma cutting options:
      • Hypertherm
        • HSD130 (LHF) (max pierce 1.000")
        • MAXPRO200 (max pierce 1.250")
      • Victor Thermal Dynamics
        • Auto-Cut 200 (max pierce 1.250’’)