At EZCut CNC, we are often asked what size plasma table a potential customer should buy.  There is no universal answer because the appropriate size will depend heavily on the individual needs of the buyer.  A CNC plasma cutting system will revolutionize your metal fabrication shop and when you invest in an EZCut CNC system, you are investing in a high-quality, durable, state-of-the-art cutting system.  It is important to choose the right size plasma table (not just so it will fit in your metal fabrication shop – though this is important) for a variety of reasons.  Have special needs and need custom dimensions?  We are happy to work with customers to help accommodate needs and create a custom CNC plasma table size.  And, while there is no simple, cookie cutter answer to the question we receive most often from customers, there are a few simple steps that can lead you in the right direction. 

  1. Consider Your Project Needs
    • You cannot choose a plasma table without first thinking about how you will be using it. For the types of projects that you tend to work on, is it better and more efficient for you to have a larger cutting surface area?  If not, is a smaller area better and more efficient for your needs? 
  2. Consider What Material You Will Be Cutting
    • What is the size of the material you will be cutting and how big will the parts be that you cut?  Think about material dimensions when choosing table size.  It is important to note that the material thickness you are cutting will not influence the size of the plasma table you purchase but, rather, the type of plasma cutter you need.
  3. Consider Your Shop Layout
    • This is one of the most important factors.  How big is your shop and what is the layout? Be sure to measure because the amount of space you have will directly impact the size of the table you can accommodate.  Also, consider the material flow and where components will be placed to maximize efficiency. 
  4. Consider Your System Configuration
    • Clients must consider how their system will be configured.  For instance, will the plasma table function as a down draft or water table?  This is important because planning and setting up a proper exhaust system may also determine what size table you will need.