With so many products capable of so many different kinds of metal fabrication it can be difficult to discern what is what, particularly for the novice cutter. At EZCut CNC, we design and produce complete CNC plasma cutting solutions that are incredibly user friendly and we believe in providing our client with as much information and training as possible to ensure they are able to use the system to the fullest of its capabilities. We are industry leaders in CNC plasma cutting for custom metal fabricators because we produce comprehensive systems. One of the features of our systems is a mechanized plasma cutter. It is important that our clients know what a mechanized plasma cutter is and why it is so beneficial.

Plasma cutting is not a new concept and has been around for some time. Plasma torches can be handheld, where the operator freehand cuts according to specifications. While this is not a bad method, we believe that mechanized plasma cutting is far superior in the vast majority of applications. With handheld plasma torches, the user must be incredibly experienced and knowledgeable to achieve accurate, precise cuts without damaging materials or other errors. While this is certainly achievable, it is difficult and unreliable when cutting a large volume of parts or pieces. Mechanized plasma cutting offers a far more consistent and precise cut while minimizing error or damage to materials. This is particularly beneficial because it cuts down on waste which saves money and also enhances productivity which can increase revenue. Mechanized plasma systems use a similar torch to handheld plasma cutting systems but it when mechanized it is carried by a machine. The machine is told where to move the torch by interfacing with CAD and CAM software on your computer. The CNC automatically controls the torch and gives it cutting parameters to ensure accurate and consistent cuts every time. The beauty of mechanized plasma cutting is in its simplicity. It is ideal for both novices and extremely experienced metal fabricators because it makes a complicated process much simpler and far more precise which is exactly what anyone would want, regardless of industry or application. At EZCut CNC, we use the best materials including plasma torches. We work with brands including Hypertherm and Victor Thermal Dynamics as an OEM, offering a complete range of conventional air, mixed gas, and HD Precision plasmas that are mechanized and controlled by our state-of-the-art CAD and CAM software to provide clients with the best cutting experience.