CNC plasma cutting systems are complex, robust tools that can be used to create incredible things. But, as anyone who has ever worked with a CNC plasma cutting system knows, if you do not know how to use the machine and software, you will be severely limited in what you can accomplish. While the plasma cutting systems that we produce at EZCut CNC are state-of-the-art, intuitive and very easy to use, it is still imperative that customers receive training. While many other CNC plasma cutting system manufacturers sell systems without training, we provide our clients with on-site training because we want our clients to be fully equipped and feel completely comfortable using our systems. Training is important whether you are a investing in your first CNC plasma cutter, upgrading your old system or expanding your metal fabrication shop to increase productivity.

Experienced metal fabricators may wonder why they should bother with training, especially if they are well versed in CNC plasma cutting systems. At EZCut CNC, we are up to date on the latest updates and techniques, and as experts on our own systems, we can provide clients with the best, most personalized training available. Even the most experienced metal fabricators can stand to have a refresher and learn the intricacies of our robust cutting systems. Further, each metal fabrication shop is unique and we can provide our clients and their training related to their application specific issues.

Anyone can pull up a video online or read a tutorial but we believe that hands-on training is ideal and allows our system to be turnkey. We ensure our clients feel comfortable after training to get right into their specific cutting needs and immediately improve their cutting efficiency. Further, we know that our clients are making a significant investment and we would never dream of allowing our clients to make an investment like that without providing top-notch customer service, and that includes on-site training. Our training ensures a speedy learning curve and is why our customer satisfaction rating is second to none in the industry. At EZCut CNC, our state of the art CNC plasma cutting systems are designed to be user-friendly and we provide our clients with what we call a “complete package.” This includes all of the necessary hardware, software, financing – should it be needed, on-site training, and ongoing technical support via telephone or email whenever our clients need it. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of investing in a CNC plasma cutting system that includes on-site training so that you can be well-equipped to use all of your machine’s capabilities in an efficient and effective way.