At EZCut CNC, we design and manufacture exceptional plasma cutting systems that will outperform competitors, last longer, are economically priced and are turnkey systems. When customers begin to do their research they will see that not all CNC plasma cutting systems are created equal. Often, if a customer wants something that is economically priced it will come at the sacrifice of certain features or durability. Conversely, we have prioritized and maximized value and durability so that our customers get the best plasma cutting system to meet all of their needs.

We have maximized value by adding outstanding features as well as by maximizing durability. After all, what is good is having exciting features if they are not durable and will fail or break after a short period of time?  First, our drive system is top-of-the-line with a zero-backlash drive system that is powered by heavy-duty NEMA 34 drive motors. Further, it is important to have a quality support and guidance system to ensure optimal cuts and our gantry and carriage ride on V-Groove bearings which gives our system positional accuracy in the cutting area of 0.002”. Electronic proximity optical sensors help determine table boundaries and the z-axis is fully enclosed and rides on linear bearings. Additionally, the gear rack is mounted and bolted to machined surfaces on the side rails and gantry. The gantry is fabricated with extruded aluminum which provides rigidity and strength. Also, custom built end trucks protect the X-axis drive system on both sides of the table. The water-tight frame can be configured for down draft or water table setup which maximizes versatility, making your table even more valuable to you because with one investment you have a variety of options. Our systems come with some of the best CNC plasma cutters on the market such Hypertherm and Victor Thermal Dynamics, and are available in a range of conventional air, mixed gas, and HD Precision plasmas. Additionally, we have compounded value by providing our clients with the EZCut software package which is complete with CAD drawing and CAM cutting software. CAM software includes multiple part grid nesting, pre-loaded cutting parameters, kerf-compensation, lead-ins & lead-outs, tool path generator (G code), easy image to vector conversion, and remote access for trouble-shooting. Our tables are constructed of only the highest quality materials to ensure maximized durability and complete customer satisfaction. We encourage our customers to do their research and contact us with questions to learn more about how our systems have maximized value and durability, ensuring they are investing in the highest quality CNC plasma cutting system for their metal fabrication shop.