Once you have made the choice to invest in your business by purchasing an EZCut CNC plasma cutting system, it is important to prepare yourself and your metal fabrication shop for its arrival. Rather than sitting and waiting for your CNC plasma cutting system to arrive, there are ways to prepare ahead so that you can get your system up and running as soon as it arrives. While our systems are very simple to use, right from the beginning, you need to have things like adequate space and power, materials and much more so that you can begin to realize all of the amazing power of an EZCut CNC plasma cutting system.

First, it is important the space you have available in your metal fabrication shop and the table layout you plan  to utilize. It is crucial to have an appropriate amount of space and an efficient machine placement to optimize your plasma cutting experience. A simple way to plan ahead for this is to review the positioning of the CNC plasma system components including the cutting table, plasma cutter power supply, controller, compressed air/gas, and the computer. Next, it is important to consider input electrical power. Your fabrication shop will require single phase or three phase power depending the plasma cutter that you have chosen for your system. Please remember that it is very important to have the correct input voltage to safely and effectively power the controller, plasma cutter, and computer. Further, ensure that you have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for the computer system. Another important thing to consider before your CNC plasma cutting system arrives is grounding. Electrical noise from the plasma inverter, high frequency, and other transit voltage could interfere with the CNC controller and control cables, causing the system to malfunction. The type of grounding you will need will depend on the type of plasma that you are using so we recommend consulting the plasma manufacturer operating manual for specific guidelines. Every metal fabrication shop needs proper ventilation for safety and when you purchase a CNC plasma cutting system ventilation becomes even more important. There are two types of plasma tables, down draft and water tables. Water tables control the smoke and dust so that an exhaust fan is not required. But, on the other hand, down draft tables typically have a plenum with a 12” hole in the middle of the table. At EZCut CNC, we advise customers to buy an in-line turbine exhaust fan with a minimum 1750 cfm capacity. Further, you should attach duct-work from the 12” hole to the side wall or roof where the exhaust fan is positioned which allows for the best possible ventilation of metal smoke and dust.

It is important to ensure that your metal fabrication shop is always meeting state and federal guidelines, particularly when it comes to exhaust outside of your building. To avoid any problems with neighbors or near-by businesses, consult state and federal EPA regulations before installing your CNC plasma cutting system. Next, depending on the type of plasma cutter you install, you will require compressed air and/or gas which will be connected to your plasma cutter power supply. To better keep you air dry, use a desiccant air dryer as well as in-line oil and water filters. If you are using a plasma cutter that requires gas, be certain that you have high-pressure gas regulators and a gas hose. For further clarification, consult with the plasma cutter manufacturer for specifications regarding compressed air and gas supply.

Upon delivery, we supply our customers with a limited amount of plasma torch consumables so we recommend that customers purchase extra consumables in advance because the life of the consumables will be determined by the numbers of pierces you make, and the amperage of which you are cutting, the cleanliness of the air going into the plasma cutter. Both Hypertherm and Thermal Dynamics have local distributors that can supply you with extra consumables. We also recommend that an operator is determined ahead of time that has a minimum level of capability using a computer and mouse as well as a basic understanding of plasma cutting. We also supply our clients with on-site plasma training when you purchase a system from EZCut CNC. To begin cutting right away, we recommend that clients buy material ahead of time to supply your inventory. By doing these things in advance you will be well-prepared to begin taking full advantage of your new, state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutting system.