While many that work in metal fabrication shops have a vast amount of experience, when a new plasma cutting system arrives, it can be a bit challenging to learn how to operate it.  Not only can it be challenging learning how to basically operate it, but it could take a significant amount of time to pick up all of the finer details and learn how to use all of the special features.  As The Fabricator points out, Hypertherm, a plasma torch manufacturer that we at EZCut CNC work with, has witnessed a lack of training in some metal fabrication shops and points out that it is a major problem, " During their visits to welder-education facilities, Hypertherm associates observed a lack of consistent, comprehensive, accurate training in plasma cutting. Not all welding instructors had the knowledge or resources to teach the technology."  If this is what is happening in welder-education facilities where the goal is teaching and complete education, what is happening in metal fabrication shops across the U.S.?  It is for this reason that EZCut CNC decided to not only provide clients with an exceptional CNC plasma cutting system but to enhance that immense value by also providing on-site training.

When customers begin to do their research in an effort to find the best CNC plasma cutting system for their metal fabrication shop, they will often find that some businesses will only provide training if you can come to them, or will only provide video tutorials.  Traveling to the manufacturer is simply not possible for many metal fabricators and video tutorials cannot possibly convey all of the necessary information.  And further, should you have questions about the finer details of your system, the video tutorial will not be able to actively respond to you.  This is why we believe on-site training is so important and why we include it in every purchase of a CNC plasma cutting system.  We do this because it ensures a speedy learning curve as well as complete customer satisfaction.  It is why our customers are so loyal to us and have given us some of the highest ratings in the industry.  We know that when you make an investment, you want to realize all of its potential and feel completely comfortable using it.  We come to you to walk you through every detail of your new system, answer any questions, and even walk you through using the CNC CAD and CAM software.  We believe that no system is complete without all of the necessary hardware (table, plasma torch, etc.), software (CAD and CAM software), and on-site training.  So, when considering purchasing a CNC plasma cutting system that is not only an exceptional tool that provides pristine cuts, but also an outstanding value, we strongly recommend our complete CNC plasma cutting systems that come with on-site training included in the purchase.