Plasma torches can cut through steel, aluminum, brass, copper and more.  They can be used to cut large sheets into tiny pieces, cut intricate designs, create beautiful works of art, and so much more.  A jet of hot plasma is propelled through a torch to cut intricate, precise designs.  This torch can be handheld or it can be mounted and automated, cutting according to specifications that have been predetermined in CAD and CAM cutting software.  There are a wide range of systems available, with a variety of features and a significant range in prices.  Many might look at the expense of an automated system and wonder if it is worth the expense or if it would be better, and perhaps more simple, to just use a handheld plasma torch.  Below, we explore 3 reasons it is better to use an mechanized, automated plasma cutter than to cut with a handheld plasma torch.

  • Accuracy/Precision
    • When cutting by hand it can be a little tricky to get the exact you want.  With careful practice, it is possible, but for someone that is new to cutting, there is a significant learning curve.  This learning curve will lead to wasted materials and lost time, which can be frustrating.  By opting to use a mechanized plasma torch, you will be able to cut with far more accuracy and precision.  An automated plasma torch is controlled by CAD and CAM software that tells the torch exactly where to cut so it ensures accuracy and precision with each cut, and allows you to create cut pieces that are identical.
  • Faster Cut Time
    •  Cutting by hand with a plasma torch can be a slow and tedious process.  While it is still a great way to cut one-of-a-kind pieces, it is not ideal for those looking to speed up the process.  A mechanized plasma torch already knows exactly where to cut and will do so much more quickly.  This allows you to cut a higher volume, more quickly, which is particularly beneficial for businesses.
  • Automatic Torch Height Control
    • As mentioned, there can be a learning curve when using a handheld plasma torch.  If you place the torch too far away, it will not cut accurately or cut all the way through the material.  If you place the torch too close, it may lead to warping, damage, or just an overall inaccurate cut.  When you use a CNC plasma cutting system, such as the ones we sell at EZCut CNC, your mechanized plasma torch will also have automatic torch height control to ensure that the torch is held at the ideal height at all times, throughout all cuts.  This again cuts down on wasted materials and expense so that you can get the cuts you need, the first time.