One of the biggest factors for many customers when choosing a CNC plasma cutting system is price, and understandably so.  Whether you are purchasing a relatively inexpensive CNC plasma cutting system, or an incredibly expensive one, you still want certain features, qualities and confidence in the reliability of your system.  At EZCut CNC, we know that no matter what system you purchase, you are making an investment and we back up that investment by crafting only the highest quality CNC plasma cutters available on the market.  When you purchase a CNC plasma system from us, you can feel confident that you are purchasing a complete system, including all necessary hardware, software, training and support.  While some budget CNC plasma cutting system manufacturers may cut corners or offer fewer frills to achieve entry-level pricing, we provide our customers with economical systems that are complete with everything you need to start cutting right away. Because we know that purchasing a high quality CNC plasma cutting system is a big investment, we offer our customers a variety of financing options and payment terms.

Financing your CNC plasma cutting system and getting access to affordable payment terms has never been easier than with EZCut CNC.  Our terms are incredibly easy and straightforward, providing our customers with the most streamlined process possible so that there is no confusion.  We require 50% payment at the time of shipment and 50% upon delivery of the system.  We would never expect our clients to pay in full before having the machine in their facility.  Because many customers have manufacturing facilities in different states we make sure the complete system has been received by the customer before a final payment is due.  For systems that are shipping outside of the USA, we do require 100% payment.  While full payment must be made once the CNC plasma cutting system has arrived, or up front for orders outside of the country, we make it simple to acquire financing.  In fact, we are proud to work with different lenders to offer our clients a variety of options to suit their financing needs.  Your business can save operating capital and qualify for possible tax breaks through our equipment financing network.  We work with companies including Lease Corporation of America, Intech Funding Corp, and Quick Spark Financial.  We are happy to put you in contact with any of these companies so that you can begin the process of acquiring the financing you need so that you can supply your metal fabrication shop with a reliable, durable, state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutting system.