A CNC plasma cutting system, designed with high-quality, durable materials is capable of cutting a myriad of materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and more. Virtually any metal can be cut, giving you a wide variety of options when cutting so that you can do anything from cutting small parts and pieces to doing large scale pieces of art or anything else in between. Many of our customers are excited to see just what our plasma cutting systems are capable of. We use the highest quality components available and it is that dedication to perfection that has helped us become the industry leader in CNC plasma cutting systems.

When our customer’s come to us ready to purchase a new table, they may not be certain what model is just right for their unique cutting needs. This can be determined by the size of your shop, the type of material you intend to cut most frequently, the types of projects you tend to do most frequently, the size of projects you do, and more. Many customers also ask us just how thick a material they will be able to cut when using our plasma cutting system. The cutting process determines the thickness of material that can be cut. Our EZ Cut CNC plasma cutting machine simply moves the plasma cutter tool according to the pre-determined tool path. The manufacturer of the CNC plasma cutter is the best resource for cut thickness ability but, for example, most 100 amp plasma systems are limited to 3/4” and down. Each plasma cutter has a unique capacity so it is important to weigh your options carefully when choosing. We work with Victor Thermal Dynamics and Hypertherm, both plasma cutter manufacturers, to complete our plasma cutting systems for your needs. These manufacturers carry cutters that are capable of cutting 1” and even 2” thick steel at approximately 300 amps, should you so desire. We highly encourage our customers to speak to one of our qualified technicians who can offer advice and guidance when selecting a plasma cutting system so that you can discuss the cut-thickness needs you may have. Additionally, should you have questions regarding cut thickness ability after you have purchased one of our plasma cutting systems, we are always available via email or telephone for questions or support. We consider it part of our "complete" plasma system to provide you with ongoing support whenever you need it.