With so many plasma cutting systems available on the market, at a wide range of prices, how can you know which one to purchase?  What do you really need in a plasma cutting system?  Will you be able to perform the kind of cuts you want or have the kinds of automation you want with your plasma cutting system?  At EZCut CNC, we know what goes into making a truly complete CNC plasma cutting system and when a customer purchases one of our systems they will get everything they need to achieve the kind of precise, automated plasma cuts they desire. Below, we highlight the 8 components of a complete CNC plasma cutting system, something we provide to each and every customer.

  1. CNC Plasma Cutting Table
    • The physical table is incredibly durable with a base that has been fully welded and a water-tight frame that can be configured for down draft or as a water table. It features an integrated dross pan/fume extraction plenum and reinforced steel leg supports.  Heavy-duty slats and slat supports are designed for easy and secure loading of sheet metal.
  2. Mechanized Plasma Cutter
    • We carry a vat selection of conventional air plasma cutters made by Hypertherm and Victor Thermal Dynamic. The mechanized plasma torch mounts on a magnetic torch breakaway. 
  3. CNC Controller
    • The cables for the controller and plasma cutter are protected by a 4” wide cross-axis track located on both the X and Y axis. The controller can be attached on either side of the table for easy configuration in your workshop.
  4. Automatic Torch Height Control
    • Automatic torch height control simplifies the cutting process and reduces potential problems in the cutting process because it always automatically adjusts the height to improve edge quality and extend consumable life.
  5. Computer & Stand
    • The computer and stand can also be attached to either side of the table for easy configuration that is convenient for your workshop.
  6. Drawing & Cutting Software
    • Our system comes complete with CAD and CAM drawing software. Create drawings for automated cutting right in our software or upload your existing drawings into our software and it will generate all of the necessary cuts and directions the CNC plasma table needs to complete your project.
  7. On-Site Training
    • One thing many of our competitors do not offer is on-site training with the purchase of a CNC plasma cutting system. This is very important because we want to ensure that our customers feel completely comfortable and at-ease when using their new system, capable of achieving any project they want. It can be difficult to give the necessary initial training over the phone so our hands-on approach is an invaluable component of our CNC plasma cutting system.
  8. Technical Support by Phone & Email
    • At EZCut CNC, our support never leaves you no matter how long it has been since you purchased our plasma cutting system. We are always available for technical support by phone or email to assist you in any ay possible.