At EZCut CNC, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of CNC plasma cutting systems. Our variety of plasma cutting systems can be configured for down draft or water cutting and each different table offers a selection of features to accommodate our customer’s unique cutting needs. All of our systems include everything you need to start cutting right away. When choosing the perfect cutting system, our clients can choose from a variety of conventional air, mixed-gas HD and Precision CNC plasma cutting machines. Every system comes with a standard set of components that add tremendous value, including the CNC plasma cutting table, a mechanized plasma cutter, a CNC controller, automatic torch height control, a computer and stand, drawing and cutting software, on-site training, and technical support by phone and email. But, there are also features that set each unique cutting system apart and help determine which cutting system is best for you and your cutting needs.

The EZCut CNC PRO Series plasma cutting system is specifically built for high-volume industrial cutting with mixed gas and high definition CNC plasma cutters. For businesses or shops that are looking to cut thicker and heavier plates, the PRO series is the way to go. The first upgrade the PRO series has that helps it cut thicker and heavier plates is its enhanced, heavy-duty drive system with servo motors. Additionally, the PRO series has linear bearings on axis. And finally, the PRO series has a heavy-duty torch lifter. These specific features are available on the EZCut CNC PRO Series plasma cutting system in addition to the standard features available on all machines. Depending on the size of yoru shop, as well as the type of industrial metal fabrication that you do, we carry two different size PRO series plasma cutting tables. The EZCut 11000 PRO Series is a 6′ x 12′ plasma table with a 78″ x 148″ cutting surface area. The EZCUT 8000 PRO Series is a 5′ x 10′ plasma table with 66″ x 123″ cutting surface area. If you do high-volume industrial cutting in your metal fabrication shop, and you tend to cut thicker, heavier plates, the EZCut CNC PRO Series is the ideal cutting system for you. Our highly skilled and experienced team is here to help you choose the best cutting system, and best table size for your cutting needs, as well as provide any training and technical support you need.