When you use EZCut’s CNC plasma cutting system, you are getting far more than run-of-the-mill industry standard equipment. We take great care to create a product line that stands out from the rest for its superior and dependable performance. We know you need accuracy and precision along with software and machinery that’ll truly boost your productivity. From the design to production, our drive system will give you a little extra.

User-Friendly Design Software

As soon as your set up is functional, you can dive head first into your next project with our user-friendly design software. You can easily set up 2 or 3 dimensional creations and adjust the scale and dimensions as needed. Our programs allow you to save your project for later implementation or even mass production. The software creates the tool path for you, eliminating a major time-consuming step for your design process.

Strong and Dependable Cutting Components

When we develop our machines and software, we aim for highly accurate cut and design implementation, because we know that’s exactly what our clients are looking for. If you enjoy using sharp lines and clean corners in your work, our CNC plasma drive system can deliver what you need. Our machines work equally well with circles and similar shapes, so you’ll never feel limited by real world limitations during your creative process. Moreover, our equipment lasts through years of wear and tear. It’s not uncommon for professionals to purchase our used machines, because they continue to exceed performance expectations in relation to cutting and design functions.

Faster Than Oxyfuel

Though Oxyfuel is a respectable option in this field, plasma cutting takes the cake with its many advantages. The plasma cutting process makes cuts with greater size and width precision and machines don’t require pre-heating cycles before use. The heat-affected zone for plasma cutting equipment is smaller than Oxyfuel machines, meaning decreased likelihood of unintended damage or warping. Furthermore, Oxyfuel equipment cannot cut steel, aluminum and other electrically conductive materials, but plasma cutters can easily tackle these raw materials. In fact when cutting metal, plasma cutting is more convenient, cleaner and cost-effective.

When you choose your next CNC drive system, you want to ensure every piece works well together and can withstand the demands of your various projects. EZCut systems set themselves apart from competitors with user-friendly design software, fast cutting times and unyielding durability. If you’re looking to improve your shop, don’t settle for an industry standard. Choose an industry leader.