If you’re looking for a plasma cutting system, then you might want to consider the EZCut CNC PRO Series. This powerful tool is an excellent addition to workshops, factories, and mechanized operations, providing you with a great way to increase production and improve output quality.

CNC and Plasma

Plasma cutters use a jet of hot plasma to slice through metals such as copper, steel, aluminum, and brass. These tools are very popular for computerized numerical control (CNC) systems, where the cutter is operated by a computer that can make very precise adjustments and allow for maximum quality on the final product.

PRO Series Models

The PRO Series is a high quality CNC plasma cutting system that is well suited for industrial applications. Right now we offer two models for different sized jobs. The EZ Cut 8000 PRO Series features a 5 foot by 10 foot plasma table, meaning that you have a cutting surface area of 66 inches by 123 inches. On the other hand, the EZ Cut 11000 PRO Series offers a larger 6 foot by 12 foot table, allowing for a cutting surface area of up to 78 by 148 inches.

Standard Features

Like all our cutters, the EZ Cut pro series offers an industrial CNC plasma cutting table to handle your projects. A mechanized plasma cutter is paired with an integrated CNC controller, allowing maximum control of detailed work—without the need for a human operator. The ATHC (automatic torch height control) system ensures that the height, intensity, and width of the plasma jet are kept within the desired parameters at all times, while the zero-backlash gearbox and drive system keep the machine steady and the cut clean. The computer and stand for this tool come included with the machine, along with the EZ Cut software package. With both CAD and CAM programs, the software allows you to create whatever you want digitally before the machine recreates it physically. Even if you have no experience with this type of cutting, we also offer on-site training on how to use the equipment, given by one of our EZ Cut CNC technical professionals.

Special Additions

Designed for high-volume projects in industrial settings, the PRO series uses mixed gas and high-definition plasma jets that can handle even thick or heavy plate metal. The upgrades that set this series apart include an enhanced drive system with self-adjusting servo motors and linear bearings on every cutting axis. This heavy duty system with a powerful torch lifter can handle almost any task. If you need a strong plasma cutter for your operations, then the EZCut CNC Pro Series is an excellent choice.