Any person who operates or does maintenance on CNC plasma cutting equipment should be aware that safety procedures are an important part of the daily job. Customers and related personnel should learn how the equipment functions and be able to respect the capabilities of the machinery. Anyone working on or around the equipment should understand the potential danger associated with mishandling the machinery and its parts. The system operator must be able and willing to follow all safety precautions. Sudden movement, loud noises, horseplay, etc. must be avoided, as such distractions may result in unsafe conditions.

Accidents can occur if clothing or other articles become entangled in the plasma head or other moving parts of the machines. The following suggestions, if followed, will reduce the chance of having these types of accidents:

  1. Wear ear and eye protection at all times when operating the machine.
  2. Securely restrain long hair when near the machine.
  3. Avoid wearing neckties and scarves during machine operation.
  4. Avoid wearing loose fitting clothing during machine operation.
  5. Avoid wearing hanging jewelry during machine operation.
  6. Wear cloth or lint-free gloves only when handling sharp or hot parts.
  7. Avoid operating this and any other equipment if affected by alcohol, drugs, or any other substance or
    condition that may decrease judgment or alertness.
  8. Observe and follow all safety signs
  9. Avoid placing hands on the tabletop when the head assembly is turned on.
  10. Lock out the incoming power supply when any type of maintenance or other work is being performed on the machine.

EZ Cut CNC takes CNC plasma cutting safety procedures very seriously. On-site training is included with all of our CNC plasma cutting systems to ensure the safety of the system operator and those around the machine. For more information on our systems, please download our pricing brochure.