BLT Companies is a Yuma, AZ based construction supply company with operations in ready-mix concrete, asphalt, aggregate materials, cranes, rigging, heavy haul transportation, and concrete pumping. To help support their heavy-duty equipment and maintenance department, they decided to purchase an EZ Cut 7200 Series CNC plasma cutting system with the Hypertherm Powermax 125 plasma cutter.

The owner of BLT, Brian Thomas, started off from a simple beginning but has built up a very successful business over the years. This also meant that his business acquired many more pieces of equipment and tools.  Brian relied on local fabricators and even hired in-house staff to support his fleet of cement trucks, cranes, heavy-haul trailers, and other equipment with steel parts.  However, he recently discovered the advantages of having a CNC plasma cutting system on location at his facility.

Brian explained why his equipment needs regular maintenance and support, “In the aggregate business and in the equipment business, we wear out a lot of parts because we are always smashing rock on rock.  In the process of doing that we wear out chutes, crushers, mixers drums, and other parts that are made out of steel.”

“It was coming to the realization that we needed a tool that could cut parts faster, cleaner, more proficiently.  So, our local supplier had a CNC machine, and I used it a lot through him…Then we decided it was time to get our own machine.” The local supplier that Brian uses is David’s Custom Welding, which is also an EZ Cut CNC customer. David’s Custom Welding upgraded to the Hypertherm Powermax 125 as well.

Now that BLT Companies has a CNC plasma cutting table in-house, they cut 0.25″ up to 1.00″ mild and stainless steel.  For more information about BLT Companies and EZ Cut CNC, watch this customer profile video featuring Brian Thomas.

Below is a photo gallery from the installation and training at BLT Companies.  The parts shown below were cut for training purposes only.