“Are your plasma systems turn-key?”

This is one of the most common questions the EZ Cut CNC sales team hears almost every day from potential customers.  It is, in fact, a very important questions to ask.  However, it’s always more important to ask what is included in the “turn-key” package.  At EZ Cut CNC we list everything that is included in our brochure and price sheets as well as in the final invoice the customer receives before purchasing the system.

So, what exactly makes our systems complete or turn-key? Everything below is included in the price of our systems:

CNC Plasma Table

This includes the table structure with a heavy-duty, built-in computer stand. The frame of the table even has forklift slots for easy maneuvering in your shop.  Full component part lists and electrical schematics are also included with the user manual.

Automated Plasma Cutter

Choose from industry leading air plasma cutters from Hypertherm or Victor Thermal Dynamics.  Deciding on a plasma cutter will be determined by how thick of material you will cut as well as the available shop power.  Single phase power will work the majority of conventional air plasma cutters but keep in mind three-phase power is necessary for some systems like the Hypertherm Powermax 125 (pictured below).


Our controllers are integrated with the cutting software and computer.  The controller is protected by a steel enclosure with ventilation and easy access for cable hook-ups.

Laptop Computer

Included with the system is an industry standard Windows-based 15″ laptop.  The laptop comes loaded with our cutting software package.

Cutting Software Package

The user friendly EZ Cut Software includes CAD/CAM programs, DXF file import, multiple part nesting, and pre-loaded plasma cutting parameters. New customers will receive a full day of training on the cutting software.

Automatic Torch Height Control

All EZ Cut CNC systems can turn on or off the automatic torch height control depending on the type of material you are cutting.

On-Site Training

Our technicians come on-site to make sure your system in properly set-up.  They will also provide a full day of on-site training based around your cutting applications and requirements.

Customer Support

EZ Cut CNC provides free support by phone and email for the life of the system. (Additional training and maintenance can also be arranged for a service fee.)

By the time our technicians leave a new customer’s shop the CNC plasma cutting table will be fully operational and the system operator will know how to use the cutting software. After that, the responsibility is on the operator to follow proper cutting procedures and a regular maintenance schedule to ensure the system is running at it’s best.

 Download our price sheet and brochure here