­Newcastle Company, Inc. has designed and manufactured material handling equipment since 1962 in New Castle, Pennsylvania.  They specialize in building load transfer systems, palletizers, pallet dispensers, sheet dispensers, and conveyors.  Some of the industries they service include chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, warehouse, and commercial printing.

During the summer of 2012, Newcastle Co. began looking at CNC cutting systems for a job they had just landed.  Jeff Alduk, Newcastle’s owner, was in need of a user-friendly system with the capabilities for industrial production cutting.  After Jeff narrowed down his list of possibilities, he decided to visit an EZ Cut CNC customer nearby to demo the system and try out the cutting software.  This allowed Jeff to see the system in a fabrication environment and ask questions about the machine, customer service, and the specific cutting applications for his business.

Once the system demo was complete, Jeff knew he was going with EZ Cut CNC and placed his order.  They decided on a 5’x10’ down-draft table with a Hypertherm Powermax85 air plasma cutter.  This table size and plasma supply combination is the most popular setup that EZ Cut CNC offers because it provides high quality cutting results at an affordable price.

Jeff recently spoke with EZ Cut CNC during a visit at their facility to discuss his experience with their system.  Although they do not use the system everyday, Jeff told us it’s extremely valuable when they have large jobs.  A recent example of this was a conveyer system they built for a Miller Coors brewery.  Jeff explained that much of the fabrication started with their EZ Cut CNC system, which was needed for a substantial amount of time during the build process.

MillerCoors keg handling system manufactured by Newcastle Co.

Another major selling point for Jeff was the technical support and customer service provided by EZ Cut CNC.  Not only did Jeff get positive feedback from references but he has also experienced it firsthand.  “I’ve really only had a few issues,” Jeff told us. “I usually just call or email EZ Cut CNC and they get back to me with an answer the same day.”  EZ Cut CNC offers free technical support by phone and email to all customers in addition to on-site installation and training.

For more information about EZ Cut CNC plasma cutting tables visit https://www.ezcutcnc.com or call 888-759-7184.