Well Made Manufacturing is an industrial metal fabricator located in Chandler, Arizona.   They service many residential and commercial businesses in the Phoenix area that require metal maintenance and repair.  Wells Ledger, the owner of Well Made Manufacturing, started the company to support his other property services businesses.  Less than 6 months ago, Wells and his brother, Jason, decided it was time to improve their metal fabrication processes, starting with a CNC plasma cutting system.  They decided on an EZ Cut CNC 4′ x 8′ CNC plasma cutting system with a Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster A80 plasma cutter.

Jason Ledger, the plasma table operator, spoke with EZ Cut CNC about what they are cutting with their new system. “We use the system every day.  We cut trashcan lids all the way up to support systems to very complex three dimensional products.”  Surprisingly, Jason and Wells are using their CNC plasma table much more than they anticipated. “It’s become a little bit of a joke between my brother and I.  We actually try to find new ways to use the system.  Not only do we enjoy using it, but it just makes life simple.”

Well Made Manufacturing is now able to design and replicate every product they create with exact precision.  In fact, they have even fabricated jigs to ensure the accuracy of their products. “It allows us to cut out jigs and that allows us to build our product very precisely.  So for us, the machine is mainly a function of precision,” Jason told us as he used a jig to check the final outcome of a power-washing rig.  It was spot on.

Jason also talked with us about the integration of the plasma system with the cutting software. “We use AutoCAD in AutoDesk to design our parts and then we import it right into Creator.  We’re cutting within minutes so it’s been very helpful for us.”  He also mentioned that the shape library, included with the EZ Cut CNC software, has been useful in cutting less complicated designs.

The software training was rather simple with Jason’s experience with computers and design software.  This allowed him and EZ Cut CNC technician, Kevin Saffa, to fully take advantage of the installation and training period.  “The installation and training process was seamless,” he recalled. “Our equipment arrived on Friday and Kevin was here on Monday.  Kevin took the time to make sure we knew how to utilize the system and then after the system was installed, Kevin was just a phone call away.”

Well Made Manufacturing has continued to improve their fabrication process with their EZ Cut CNC system.  They have discovered that it has enhanced their current product line but also brought in new business.  Jason believes that they will see much more contract custom fabrication work in the very near future. “I would say that it’s life changing,” Jason told us before we ended our interview.  “It completely changed the way we go about designing, building, and fabricating.”