In today’s work environment there is an increasing trend of bringing production processes in-house.  This is certainly true when looking at companies that require metal fabrication, especially those that use CNC plasma cutting tables.  Having a CNC plasma system in-house allows the fabrication shop to cut custom metal parts and reduce outsourcing expenses while providing flexibility to the production schedule.

Many custom metal fabricators that require industrial cutting tools have already discovered the benefits of owning a CNC plasma cutting system.  Now that these systems are more affordable than ever before, many specialized industries are finding out just how productive a CNC plasma table can be.

At EZ Cut CNC, we have identified the following 5 businesses that can use CNC plasma cutting in their daily workflow.

1. Automotive & Transportation

Whether it’s a custom auto body shop or a tractor trailer repair business, many companies in the transportation field have a need to cut custom metal parts.  911 Custom, a Kansas City emergency vehicle outfitter, uses their 4’x8′ EZ Cut CNC system for fabricating lighting brackets and custom storage boxes.  Their customers consist of public services departments that require a lot of custom work on their vehicles.  By owning a CNC plasma cutting table, 911 Custom has the ability to design a number of custom options for their customers.

911 Custom

911 Custom


HVAC companies are very much aware of the benefits of a CNC plasma cutting system.  Owning a machine allows HVAC businesses to cut their duct-work to meet their exact specifications.  It also allows for the rapid reproduction of parts which is extremely helpful on the bigger jobs.  Our HVAC software partner is ShopData Systems, which offers a wide range of cutting applications.  The SDS website describes their software as, “a wide array of CAD/CAM nesting systems products that service general fabrication, product manufacturing, HVAC , Blowpipe contractors and structural steel providers.”


3. Metal Art & Custom Displays

Metal artists love CNC plasma cutting systems because they can design intricate CAD drawings that can be cut from sheet metal.  This saves them the labor of cutting by hand while providing pin-point results.  The majority of metal artists that use a CNC plasma system are full-time artists who already have funding on a project or a reliable source to sell their work.

Custom display companies are a similar businesses that are increasingly using CNC plasma cutters.  Custom displays can include a number of products, such as a sign for a building or a retail merchandising display.  Custom Built Displays in Buffalo, NY uses their EZ Cut CNC plasma cutting table for food bars in grocery stores as well as for retrofitting food trucks.  They have also discovered new avenues of business in creating metal signage for local and national businesses.

Custom Built Displays

Custom Built Displays

4. Construction & Maintenance

Construction companies have found a broad range of uses for a CNC plasma cutting table in their industry.  Whether it’s cutting brackets, base plates, or parts for fencing, there is almost no limit to the number of uses for construction companies.  A customer based in Texas uses their EZ Cut CNC system to cut parts for water slides while another customer in Pennsylvania is building electrical boxes for the coal mining industry.  Whether the project is big or small, there are many ways that a CNC plasma cutting system can improve the efficiency and quality for a construction company.


AC Power Tech

5. Energy Companies

Filters for natural gas, electrical boxes for coal mining, and brackets for electrical switches are all parts that are being cut with EZ Cut CNC plasma cutting tables.  Rick Schmidt, Jr. of Inland Technologies Service (ITS), has seen an immediate improvement in their production volume since buying an EZ Cut CNC system just 6 months ago.  ITS is cutting parts for their solar combiners as well as many other parts for their automation division.  Just south of Pittsburgh, Filter Fab Manufacturing, has watched their production process become much easier with their CNC plasma table.  Filter Fab designs and fabricates a full line of F-Series dry natural gas filters and C-Series coalescing filter separators. Watch the video below to hear why Ed Peglow, owner of Filter Fab Manufacturing, bought an EZ Cut CNC plasma cutting system.



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