Inland Technologies Service (ITS) was founded in 1989 by Rick Schmidt, Sr. in Dupo, Illinois.  Although the company started out by doing general fabrication work, it has grown it’s business in several different industries over the years.  ITS can now conceptualize and design almost anything that requires automation and instrumentation.  In the spring of 2013, the fabrication shop at ITS decided it was time to purchase a CNC plasma cutting system for their custom electrical enclosures and solar combiners.

“We were looking at a new market we were entering in the solar industry and it involves a lot of volume,” explains Rick Schmidt, Jr., who is now one of the principal owner’s of his father’s company.  “When we looked at our own process we decided that the shear was our biggest nemesis.  We started looking at the different products in the industry and came to EZ Cut CNC through some recommendations and internet searching.”

The first part of their shopping process involved comparing plasma cutting versus water jet cutting.  They decided that going with a CNC plasma cutting system would require less servicing and lower maintenance cost.  The next step was narrowing down the list of CNC plasma manufacturers.

Inland Technologies Service uses their CNC plasma cutter to fabricate parts for their enclosure systems.

ITS owns an EZ Cut CNC 5′ x 10′ system with a Hypertherm Powermax 65 plasma cutter

“We were given references to witness the machine in person and talk to the current owners,” Rick told us. “We were able to find out how it works in the real world and we got every piece of information after a couple field visits.  Finally, we got to the point where we needed to pull the trigger and it seemed to be the best fit for our situation.”

Jordan DeRousse, the CNC plasma system operator at ITS, talked to EZ Cut CNC about his experience using the table.  Jordan had absolutely no experience using a CNC plasma cutting table previous to the EZ Cut CNC machine.  But with two days of on-site training and unlimited technical support by phone, he can now operate the table without any problems.  He told us that he typically runs the table for about 4-5 hours every day while cutting mostly 12-14 gauge steel as well as some 1/8″ aluminum and stainless steel.

“Your plasma technician came out and helped us set it up.  It was up and running that day.” Jordan told us about the installation and software training. “It’s pretty much just a graphical interface.  You can move stuff around by dragging and dropping.  Just put in your dimensions and lay it [the cut file] out.  It’s really easy to use.”

After just 6 months, ITS has found the EZ Cut CNC system to be more productive than expected.  Rick also told us they are researching robotic tooling for their other fabrication processes in order to keep up with the CNC plasma cutting table.  Overall, Rick and the rest of the ITS staff are very pleased with their decision to go with EZ Cut CNC.  “It’s a very flexible system.  Take your time and look at EZ Cut CNC closely.  You’ll find for the money it’s going to benefit what you’re going to do.”