Shopping for a CNC plasma cutting table can be an overwhelming experience.  This is something we completely understand after many years of talking with our customers.  Most business owners and fabrication supervisors spend numerous hours researching before making a purchase.  But, it’s surprising how many of them overlook a few important steps of the buying process.

At EZ Cut CNC, we believe there are three items that should never be overlooked when shopping for a system.  So, take our advice, and make sure you don’t make the following mistakes…


Asking a manufacturer to provide references of current customers using the system can be very helpful in making a purchasing decision.  Most likely the company providing the references will hand-pick customers they have the best business relationships with.  Even though this might be a biased selection by the system manufacturer, it still gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback about their experience with the CNC plasma cutting system.  Specifically, it’s important to speak with references that have the same (or similar) applications for the system.  For example, if you are a business owner of an HVAC company then it is ideal to speak with someone using a CNC plasma table in the heating and cooling industry.

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There is definitely no substitution for seeing a system in person.  Any CNC plasma cutting manufacturer should be willing to show a system to a qualified customer. Ideally, you’ll want to see the system operate in an actual production environment rather than a showroom.  But whether you are visiting a manufacturer’s facility or at the shop of one of their references, it’s important to see how the system cuts with your own eyes.  It’s also a good idea to ask for a sample part to be cut, which brings us to the final most common mistake when shopping for a CNC plasma cutting table.

Below is a demo of a conveyer equipment manufacturer.  It is very helpful for customers in a similar field to visit a familiar production facility and observe how the system operates.


When a fabricator buys a CNC plasma cutting system, they are essentially paying for a part they can then sell.  If you’re a serious buyer then the seller should have no problem cutting the part that you require.  Make sure to provide them with the exact type of steel or aluminum and the thickness of which you’ll be cutting.  Also, take note of the plasma cutter that is being used because this ultimately determines how thick you’ll be capable of cutting.


JJJ Container sample parts

During the shopping process it’s also important to review the following items that are not directly associated with the components that make up the system.  Take careful note of:

  • The functionality of the software
  • The ease of use of the entire system
  • The quality of technical support (make sure to ask the provided references)
  • What kind of training, if any, is provided by the manufacturer or distributor

There are many things you can do to give yourself the advantage when shopping for a CNC plasma cutting system.  First, educate yourself on what types of systems are on the market.  Then narrow your selection to the ones that best fit your cutting applications.  And always make sure to get references, an on-site demonstration, and sample cut parts.

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