More often than not, custom metal fabricators have a limited time frame to complete a job.  Whether the fabricator is a one-man shop or working in a large manufacturing environment, it’s crucial that their customers get what they paid for in a timely manner.  And, that’s why it’s so important for a CNC plasma cutting system to be equipped with user-friendly software that includes all the necessary features to improve productivity.

EZ Cut CNC plasma cutting systems come with a computer, LCD monitor, mouse, keyboard, and stand.

EZ Cut CNC plasma cutting systems are equipped with a computer, LCD monitor, mouse, keyboard, and stand.

When purchasing a CNC plasma cutting table from EZ Cut CNC, the first thing you’ll notice is that it comes with a computer, LCD monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  We have found that the majority of operators are familiar with using a Windows-based system and can easily be trained on the software.  Although this desktop PC set-up looks fairly standard, the integrated CNC plasma cutting software adds valuable features that are anything but ordinary.

The EZ Cut CNC software package includes EZ Cut G Code Creator, Job Console, and Motion Mechanic.  G Code is the most common form of numerical control programming, which is used for computer-based engineering and machine automation.  By integrating this standard programming language with EZ Cut CNC’s user-friendly software interface, system operators can easily create a file and cut parts within minutes.

The following functions can be performed in EZ Cut CNC software programs:

EZ Cut G Code Creator

  • Uses a DXF file to add the cutting parameters
  • Allows you to select the material thickness, amperage, the part to cut, and the quantity
  • Set the cutting parameters:
    • Kerf Compensation
    • Lead-in/Lead-outs
    • Voltage
    • Cut speed
    • Cut height, pierce height, pierce delay
    • Automatic Torch Height Control (ATHC) delay
    • Set material plate size, nesting, and material cut-off
    • Save the file as a DNC cut file so that it has dimensions and cutting parameters.  This file is opened in the Job Console.



There are over 50 shapes to choose from in the EZ Cut CNC shape library.

There are over 50 shapes to choose from in the EZ Cut CNC shape library.

 Job Console

  • Open DNC cut files that are created in EZ Cut G Code Creator
  • View table boundaries, sheet size, and layout of the cut file
  • Using the virtual keypad, position the torch where you want to begin the cut
  • Push the “Go” button to begin cutting your parts



Screenshot of Job Console: G Code (left), the table layout & cut file (middle), and the virtual keypad (right).

Motion Mechanic

  • Turn on and off system settings
  • Identifies all software and firmware
  • Set various table configurations such as X, XX, Y, and Z axis dimensions

FullSystem_MainLearning to use the EZ Cut CNC software is relatively simple especially if the operator is comfortable using Windows-based programs.  This is helpful during the on-site installation and training, which is included with the purchase of new EZ Cut CNC plasma cutting systems.  And, for the operator’s reference, EZ Cut CNC provides a complete instruction manual that outlines each step of using the software menus.

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