When Alex Cerreti first came to the United States, he immediately saw the potential to make money in the coal mining industry of Western Pennsylvania.  Alex started out working in the coal mines just like many others that live in the area outside of Pittsburgh.  And, as he became more experienced in the coal business, he found other ways to generate income.  With the help of a friend, Alex began refurbishing and reselling electrical boxes that were not being used.  They soon realized there was serious profit to be made so they started their own business.

Alex and his business partner eventually went their separate ways but A C Power Tech is still selling power centers, distribution boxes, high voltage switch gear, PLC systems, and other specialty electrical products for coal mining.  Alex’s son, Dimitri Cerreti, is an electrical engineer and vice president at the company and was kind enough to sit down for an interview with EZ Cut CNC cameras.  He explained the history of the family business and the significance of coal mining and industrial manufacturing in the area.

A C Power Tech operates a 5'x10' table with a Hypertherm Powermax 65 plasma cutter

A C Power Tech operates a 5’x10′ down-draft table with a Hypertherm Powermax 65 plasma cutter.

“The largest coal mining belt in the country runs through Pennsylvania,” Dimitri explained to us. “It’s the largest reserve of coal in the nation.” Thanks in part to the location of their company, A C Power Tech has been successful in maintaining a profitable business. But, as any smart entrepreneur will tell you, there is always room for improvement.

“When the company was half it’s current size, we used to hand lay out every panel that we would make,” Dimitri told us about their previous manufacturing process. “From there we advanced to outsourcing a portion of that build process. But outsourcing becomes difficult because you lose control of the scheduling of it.” In the mining industry, this could mean tens of thousands of dollars lost over a small amount of time.  Dimitri and his team decided they needed a better solution and found that a CNC plasma cutting system was the best option.

Examples of distribution boxes (Top & lower left) and a variable frequency drive (Bottom right)

Examples of distribution boxes (Top & lower left) and a variable frequency drive (Bottom right)

A C Power Tech decided on an EZ Cut CNC 5’x10′ down-draft table with a Hypertherm Powermax 65 plasma cutter. They have owned the system for almost two years and it’s responsible for much of their metal fabrication.  “It has probably more than paid for itself already,” he said during the interview. “And we saw a severe reduction in errors that we were having producing the panels and the time spent doing it.”


Since purchasing their EZ Cut CNC system, it's easy for A C Power Tech to import their cut files and fabricate parts within minutes

Importing cut files into EZ Cut CNC software programs has made it very easy for A C Power Tech to fabricate panels.

“Dealing with your sales staff and the people that we talked with, they were very engaged with us about it,” Dimitri told us about the buying process. “We were asked specific questions about what we were going to do with it.” This was very important to both parties because it ensured that A C Power Tech was receiving the best possible customer service in addition to spending their money wisely.